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15 Thoughts – The DHL is hurting, but what is the league and GM’s willing to do about it?

When I starting in this league there was a bevy of arguments, villains, trade rapists and the like. Overall, the league was a mosaic (melting pot for you yanks) of general managers actively pursuing not only a DHL cup, but enjoyment in the Sim. Where has that gone? Do we really need villains to make this league fun and active? Does the UFA system need to be restructured, do we need to purge inactive GM’s from the league? Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a Dr.OZ answer to these questions. Over the next few weeks and months it’s going to be up to the GM’s of the DHL to sit down and brainstorm ideas of not only bring the DHL back to its former glory but beyond.


1). What’s happened to trades? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that we’re not having every second trade being sent to the TC but why does it seem like trades in general are so far and few between? Is there such disparity in the league that teams are finding it hard to work with other GM’s? Part of the problem seems to be some GM’s are just too difficult to even bother contacting. I know I was offered a third round pick for Bobrovsky (sure he’s slumping and off to a slow start but he’s damn near elite when on his game), a Vezina winning goalie two years ago. That in addition to the sometimes hilarious trade block posts have pretty much sealed the deal for me – that specific GM just isn’t worth the time. There’s are least two others just like him in the league.

2). The saying “cash is king” is ubiquitous in nature. There’s no denying that money rules our world, but does it really need to rule the DHL? Having discussions with GM’s regarding players (real but fake people) turn into “well, player X went for Z amount of cash in the offseason so I expect Z amount of value in return is a really an odd and boring way of handling trade talks. Trades should be more about does player X improve my team, or my vision for my team? I dare say it’s about time we look at the DHL not allowing players/picks to be bought outright. Sure, some will claim that will keep disparity, but I think over the long term it actually closes the gap.

3). Activity – this one really burns me. I’m no saint, I’ve been inactive during my tenure but I’d put money on the fact that I’ve been more active than not over the long term. What gets me is that we have GM’s in the league that I don’t recall seeing any type of meaningful activity. Sure they pop in every now-and-again to make a deal (usually small ones) but I think every GM here should have to write at least one article about their own team once a season. Think about how silly that sounds. One article every six months about a subject you should have a vested interest in. How difficult could that be? I’m looking at you Letter on fire, Gotham villains, orcas and others.

4). We have two new GM’s in the league, the next few weeks are going to be very interesting to watch. What are their plans, both teams are contenders and really don’t need a rebuild so I expect to see some trade activity soon. Rumour has it that a few teams have already contacted GM Yeo and are just waiting to hear back regarding the general direction of the team. Rod Spike, our resident porn star named GM, was introduced to the league and is at the helm of the Edmonton Oilers, a storied franchise with one DHL Stanley Cup to their name. Rod’s got one hell of a team to work with and hopefully he can navigate the cap system better than Pete did. Time will tell.

5). If I told you that a team with Nugent-Hopkins, Patrick Kane, Steven Stamkos, Kyle Okposo, Vlady Tarasenko, Shea Weber, Markov, and backstopped by Varlamov would be sitting ninth overall in the West would you have believed me? It gets even more M.Night Shamalayahanana (that’s a reference to unbelievability, if you didn’t get it) that the team in question was being helmed by none other than the great John Lu. Put those cheating rumours to bed people, the sim is just a finicky piece of software.

6). I’m not one to tell anyone how to run a franchise but I’d put San Jose one other offensively gifted defender away from crawling their way up the standings.

7). Mike and his Tampa squad has taken over last overall in the DHL. Looks like the race to Eichel is real. I wonder who is going to be in the race for Matthews?

8). I expect big things from Johnny and the Islanders come trade deadline. He’s been one of the more active GM’s as far as talks go, but we aren’t seeing much actually happening. I think this is the deadline that sparks real change in NYI. They’ve got a strong core, just need to pull something together. Rumour has it he was close on a few deals that just fell through at the last moment.

9). Oh Winnipeg, how the mighty have fallen. Cup champions in season 17, ousted in the second round in season 18, a third round exit in season 19 and currently eight points out of the final playoff spot at mid-point in the season. GM Yeo has some work to do. Giddy-up!

10). I thought gambling was big in Vegas and Atlantic city not Minnesota. Chris pulled the trigger on an interesting deal that could pay serious dividends sooner than later. Dal Colle, surprisingly didn’t make the Islanders when almost everyone thought he would might have lit a fire under the GM and pushed him to look at various offers. He found a suitor who similarly might have looked at Hoffman coming off waivers and an arbitration ruling might not be the “real deal.” Throw in an underperforming, questionable attitude former high end prospect into the mix and you’ve got quite the deal. Overall, both teams gambled only time will tell which franchise made the right decision.

11). Looking at the trade board it’s hard not to see “ANA” in most of the threads. I like what AJ’s doing regardless of my opinions on some of the deals, most notably the Rinne deal I love the activity. He’s a GM that’s unhappy with his teams performance and he’s making changes.

12). Jaskin, Mrazek, Dumba, Vasilevsky, Draistaitl, Drouin, Nischushin, Kuznetsov, Yakupov, Hertl, Pasternak, Reilly, Leddy, Brodin, Pouliot, Pulkinnen, Lazar. You’d love to have any of these guys on your pro roster right? All of them currently reside on the farm team. Is it time the DHL takes a look at how high-end prospects or high performing young players toil away until their stats replace a vet on the pro roster?

13). If Toronto somehow ends up with Eichel do they launch into contention or do they end up like the NHL Oilers of the past 5-7 years? (Oh relax Oil Nerds it’s just a game!)

14). Split drafts are a weird yet wonderful thing. I’m surprised most GM’s don’t see the value of 2nd split drafts. You literally get a half a season or production and improving to gauge your draft order. Where’s Rantanen going to go? How about Sprong he’s likely to move up a few spots compared to if drafted once a season.

15). The Kitchener Rangers look like a juggernaut this season. 12-0 to start the season and it’s all because of solid team play and scoring by committee. You’d expect an undefeated team to have at least their first line in the top 20 scorers. the Rangers? They have one, Ryan MacInnis J The team just got another infusion of talent with the highly skilled yet small statures Bracco fore going his collegiate career to join the OHL.

Until next time.

as salaam alaikum friends!

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