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15 Thoughts: Trade Deadline – Tanking – Upcoming Draft

Hello again, fellow DHLers.

Here we are, ten games away from the end of Season 20 and there’s quite a bit of suspense and drama. We have two new GM’s, a very deep draft and a few other surprises to talk about.In speaking with a fellow GM in the East, his prediction for the Cup Champion is the Penguins. When asked why? His answer:

“PIT has only one player in the top 9 forwards with below 70 PC. That player is Drew Stafford, and he is 74OV. MacLean also has what I would call the best top to bottom D in the league this season. He has Klingberg on his 3rd pairing. He is a top pairing guy on most teams. Then he has a top 5 goalie in MAF”

This season’s playoffs should be great. Let’s get going.


1). In the DHL there are a lot of opinions on tanking and its validity as a means to rebuild or even re-structure a team. While the arguments are valid there’s something that I was wondering recently: What about those teams that have basically no future assets? Why hasn’t anything been said about that issue. If you look at Carolina, Boston, Los Angeles and Winnipeg, all three teams have zero 1st round picks in the next two drafts (considerably problematic for Winnipeg as they seem to be thinking rebuild) and combined between the four teams a total of sixteen prospects many of which are irrelevant has-beens or busts already. Why is no one talking about these teams management issues? I guess as long as they are playoff teams you can consider it good managing.

2). Out of the teams mentioned above the biggest concern is Winnipeg and Boston. Both teams have only one prospect each. In reality, Winnipeg’s doesn’t count, Brent Andrews was a 7th round pick and currently plays for a University on the East Coast. Boston’s one prospect is a legit NHL talent. Considering Winnipeg is looking like they are slowly rebuilding Detroit and NY Islanders could be enjoying lotto picks sooner than later. Boston on the other hand doesn’t have a very large sum of money for UFA, needs to resign Crosby and is potentially losing his starting goalie to UFA. It will be interesting to see how these two teams manage their immediate futures.

3). The DHL has two new general managers in the fold. Polar opposites would be the best way to describe their situations. One inherits the Oilers, a potential contender with a storied history or winning. The other, the Sabres a team that’s been mired in mediocrity for far too long. It will be interesting to see how both franchises move forward. It’s clear Edmonton wants to win making moves at the deadline, Sandro needs to win the draft lottery so he can really move forward.

4). Last article focused heavily on the activity level of the DHL and how to fix it. There’s been improvement and with teams like Minny and Toronto looking like they won’t be basement dwellers for much longer. However, in speaking with a few GM’s of the league there still seems to be some disinterested GMs. Only time will tell if they ride out the plateau or end up giving up their franchise. Hopefully, the latter, as we have a strong group that are all knowledgeable in hockey.

5). The trade deadline was decent, but far from exciting. A few GM made some schrewd moves to bolster their teams, NYR comes to mind. Edmonton was one of the more active GMs bolstering his line up for what is hopefully a long playoff run. I was slightly shocked that Washington wasn’t as active I figured they would be.

6). In my opinion, Washington has the ability to surprise teams should they make it to the post season. With Holtby in net, and the sim’s love for top tier tending I thought they should have looked to improve their 4-7th defensemen and maybe look for a better shut down center option on special teams. Regardless of my opinion, the Caps are playing well and have leap-frogged the Devils for the final playoff spot with ten games remaining.

7). Speaking of the devils, the Devils completed two trades before the deadline, without looking at futures included in the deals it was Eric Staal and Tyler Myers arriving in Jersey and Chris Kunitz and Zemgus Girgensons leaving. It seems the deal might have messed with the teams chemistry as they’ve since played themselves out of a playoff spot and currently sit five points back of 8th place and the Caps.

8). The Devils have a lot riding on this season. A basement dweller for multiple years Saif and the Devils finally pushed forward and started competing. There were grumblings of GMOTY awards in the first half. Regardless of finishing positions the Devils were the worst team in the DHL last season and are currently in the thick of a post-season position battle. That’s solid improvement. No matter how good his season turns out, if New Jersey somehow misses the playoffs and their 1st round pick (property of Toronto) wins the lottery (fingers crossed) Saif’s chance at the GMOTY award is all but gone.

9). Speaking of the draft, YR21 is going to be a good one. There’s so much depth and skill in the first two rounds. It’s a great draft to hold any first rounders. Whether you want top pairing defenders, pure offensive dynamos or two way players this is the draft for you. Currently, Montreal (5), Toronto (4) and Minnesota (3) own twelve of the twenty-eight first rounders. If the standings were final today, Toronto & Montreal have two lotto picks each.

10). Looking at the standings in the Eastern Conference, you’d be hard pressed to say the Rangers on the favorites to win the Conference Championship. Look a little closer at rosters and I would suggest the real battle is between Pittsburgh and Philly, both have elite goaltending which the SIM tends to love.

11). Conversely, the West is much easier to at least predict. St. Louis has been far and away the best team in the DHL all season. There really isn’t a weakness on that roster aside from the fact that their defense is SLOW. I can see St. Louis having trouble against teams with overall high speed. Looking at the teams that have beaten the Blues this season, I think my theory might be right. Interesting note, the Blues have lost at the hands of both Vancouver and San Jose both a potential first round match up for St. Louis. First round upset, anyone?

12). How is Calgary not a playoff team? I mean there’s holes in the lineup, but overall they aren’t that bad of team. I’m not sure if holding onto Crawford was the best move. He’s going to be a UFA come end of season and there’s plenty of other players the Flames need to sign and only so much money.

13). Given the UFA landscape in the West, don’t be surprised if you see Minny in the battle for 8th next season. Some favorable rerates are incoming and Chris is usually on top of making smart moves to better his team.

14). The WJC’s are incoming and sure to raise and drop draft stock and player values as always. GM’s need to take performances with a grain of salt. It is by far the best way to evaluate player because the best vs. best in that age group, but the data is not the end-all-be-all. Remember Justin Pogge? Remember when Toronto (NHL) traded away Tukka Rask because they believed Pogge was the tender of the future, all on the back of a unreal World Junior Championship? Yeah, brilliant.

15). Speaking of the WJC, The US have been slated as the early favorites but have come under heavy scrutiny for their selection camp omissions. Personally, I see Sweden winning gold against the United States and Canada defeating Finland in the bronze medal game.

Extra: Great week if you’re an MMA fan, three nights of fights coming up starting tonight. Go ALDO!

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