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Here Comes the Wild

Well, I’ve spent enough time being beaten upon so it’s time to start winning again. Team is ready set to go and try and win more games than we lose. Here is how the Wild look this season.

Season 21 Projected Lines:

Milan Lucic 75 – Matt Duchene 77 – Artemi Panarin “Breadman” 74
Mike Hoffman 74 – Mike Ribeiro 70 – Ryan Callahan 73
Curtis Glencross 73 – Antoine Vermette 73 – Troy Brouwer 73
Pascal Dupuis 71 – Valtteri Filppula 71 – Ales Hemsky 66

Morgan Rielly 73 – Alex Pieterangelo 75
Marco Scandella 72 – Johnny Boychuk 76
Trevor Daley 70 – Josh Gorges 67

Petr Mrazek 76
James Reimer 74

Total Cap: $37.3 million

Pending trades (what can i say, i like to keep it spicy), this is our season 21 roster.

1st Line
Looch, Duch & Panarin has a nice mix of brawn, scoring and passing…they should reek havoc by combining the killer instincts of Looch and the dipsy doodling of Panarin. Duch is the best center we’ve had since Toews and his rating up is gonna make him so salty.

2nd Line
Again, the combination is deliberate. Ribs passing should fit in nice with Hoffman and his killer SC. Cally is on the line to keep teams honest with his high DF and IT. Hit em, beat em, pass, score, repeat.

Checking Line
I had originally slated Cooke/Horvat/McGinn but some too good to pass up deals in UFA and trades make it GlenX, Vermy and Brouwer. 68/70/67 df respectively is a nice 3rd line combo but each have 60+ in key ratings categories making them better than your average 3rd line. They make a combined $7.3m so when your talking about being competative, the ability to drop that much cap on your 3rd line should be a boon in the matchup dept. vs. most teams.

4th Line
Who cares right? They get like 5-6 mins of ice time a game and most years i try and double shift my hefty pigs but if you got cap and you got the bodies, play em. So Dups, Filipy and Hemsky pull up the rear of the minny wild. Not a bad crew to give the big boys a rest and if we happen to run into an injury or suspension (im looking at you looch) then they can easily slide into the top 9.

Top D Pair
This is probably the biggest improvement on the team. Last season my top six D were Tom Gilbert, Kevin Bieksa, Matt Hunwick, Toby Enstrom, Mike Weber & Justin Schultz. WTF, so the addition of speedy Rielly and Pieteranglo is a massive upgrade. These two should be a formidable pair for years to come in Minny.

2nd Pair
OK so full disclosure, i had pegged $30m aside for signing Boychuk. I figured teams would be all over his high IT/ST combined with his amazing PA/PC/DF. To me alot of teams will regret not going hard for him, i think he is a perfect #3 on my team and was over the moon to lock him in for just under $15m. Scandella is one of the most underrated dmen, good SP, DF, SC and makes less than a million per. He was a great add and a solid #4.

Bottom Pair
Daley was brought in to be our backup plan if we struck out on Boychuks…after we nailed it, i tried shopping him but no takers so he will start as my #5 guy. His cap hit is a little gross but hey, you got room, use it. If i get an injury, he will be able to play up no problem. Georges i always liked, his high DF and low salary make him a perfect #6 and PK guy. I also have Miller in case but not sure if i will dress him or wait another season.

Not sure, while i have what i think is a tight line up top to bottom, i don’t have a top end tender so ill lose those games to teams with better goalies. But i should be able to beat out the bottom half of the league on sheer depth and scoring. I think ill be in the playoffs mix anywhere from 5-10 finish in the West.

Questions for you, the DHL’s finest:
What do you see as a weakness for this team?
Where do you think the Wild finish in the standings?
Is there any players you would look to shop if you were me?
Does Rod Spike sleep with a stuffie?


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