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The ‘Hoff’ Having An Impact

When the Wild acquired Mike Hoffman in a trade 6 months ago it was with the desire to take the next step in their rebuild. So far so good. The ‘Hoff’ is 2nd in individual scoring at the mid point of the 21st DHL season with 23 goals in 40 games played. He trails the unsinkable Jamie Benn by one goal which is remarkable considering the top end talent Benn has on his line Pavelski, Sedin and Burns. The Hoff has been line mates with Mike Ribero since day 1 and the two have some great chemistry.

And Hoff is German for ‘Goal Scorer’

As the season grinds on it’s becoming more apparent that James Reimer is not in the Wild’s long term plans. Even if he is due a better re rate than Peter Mzarek, ‘Mzaerunner’ is the heir apparent due to his age and contract. So what becomes of Reimer? No one has made any overtures about his availability but that could be due to his piss poor play thus far this season. However, someone looking ahead to next season might be wise to snatch him up to have a nice cheap starting goalie next season. The Wild are rumored to be looking for a multitude of returns.

Where will Reimer end up? A mystery in DHL and NHL

Looking at the second half of the season the Wild will stay the course, this is still a transition year and like Cait Jenner, it would be counterproductive go full transition while we still have the franks and beans.

Franks and Bean courtesy of There’s Something About Mary

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