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Basterd Scouting – Season 24 Draft Preview

Its been widely discussed that the Season 24 & 25 drafts likely will not be as good as recent drafts or future drafts. But it never fails that GMs will look at every guy as a “core player” that they can draft. Many GMs will likely be disappointed but there will be some decent complimentary players in this draft. But here at Basterd Scouting (referred to as BS after this), we’ll give you the breakdown of the S24 draft.

Several GMs have already started trying to move up in the draft order to get a shot at one of the top players. Toronto, Tampa, and Anaheim have all expressed interest in moving up. And its widely known that Columbus is willing to move the #1 overall pick, with several GMs interested already and making their pitches. I think its almost a certainty that the pick will not reside with Columbus come draft time.

But whoever does end up picking first will obviously end up with top prospect Nico Hischier. Hischier is likely the only true cornerstone player that will definitely come out of this draft. He’ll be a #1 center for any team and provide a good balance of of scoring & passing while having decent enough size.

“Nico is a player you can build around, he’s got good stickhandling ability, good scoring, better passer, has a motor and makes players around him better. We at BS couln’t find anything to not like about him too…he’ll be a player that any team would love to have.”

After him, its a tight grouping of players in the next 7-8 picks that haven’t distinguished themselves apart from the others. But those players likely will play large roles in their new team’s future. After that, anything and everything is possible as there are a large group of players that are basically boom-or-bust scenarios that it makes this draft hard to project.

Instead of doing another mock draft, I’m going to do a ranking of players that I think will have the biggest sim impact. So this likely won’t match the way draft actually happens as I won’t be taking needs into account or GM preferences. Let’s take a look at the final top 30 BS ranking:

  1. Nico Hischier
  2. Elias Petterson
  3. Michael Rasmussen
  4. Miro Heiskanen
  5. Lias Andersson
  6. Nick Suzuki
  7. Timothy Liljegren
  8. Gabe Vilardi
  9. Erik Brannstrom
  10. Klim Kostin
  11. Ryan Poehling
  12. Henji Jokiharju
  13. Josh Norris
  14. Kole Lind
  15. Isaac Ratcliffe
  16. Pierre-Olivier Joseph
  17. Filip Chytil
  18. Morgan Frost
  19. Jaret Anderson-Dolan
  20. Marcus Davidsson
  21. Josh Norris
  22. Jason Robertson
  23. Jack Studnicka
  24. Ivan Lodnia
  25. Jonah Gadjovich
  26. Grant Mishmash
  27. Jonas Rondbjerg
  28. Dylan Samberg
  29. Stelio Mattheos
  30. Adam Ruzicka

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