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Basterd Scouting – Season 31 Mock Draft Y32 – Live Draft Edition

Its that time of year again for a mock draft to project how the DHL prospect draft will go in this Y32 version.  I’ve already posted the lottery version of this but this will fill in the remainder of the 1st round.  I’ve chosen to not modify the mock draft even though its already incorrect based on the #1 overall selection (Jamie decided to select William Eklund for Vegas).

While that could shift a lot of the picks, I figured that the top 4 are pretty much set so only minor movement would occur.  There was also a late swap of the #4 and #5 picks as I think the Rangers were desperate (especially based on all the assets given up) to move into that top 4.  I slightly modified the notes on those 2 picks but let’s see how the full mock looks now:

Pick Team Player Quick Note
1 Vegas C Kent Johnson This may look off the board a bit but this is just gut instinct and I think his ceiling is thru the roof and he fits great with Vegas who needs a 1C
2 Pittsburgh D Owen Power With Dach, Holtz, Denisenko, Raymond and Robertson, there’s no shortage of forward prospects for the Pens so this is just a no-brainer to take a #1 d-man to keep the rebuild going
3 Edmonton C Mason McTavish Not a knock on McTavish at all but the depth chart in front of him and style of play suggests he’s gonna end up a winger but the Oilers would use him as a C
4 Rangers (via Ottawa) L William Eklund Rangers just needed to move up to get into the top 4 as Ajay needs more top prospects in his pool Ottawa is deep on the right side in prospects so this is a perfect fit to get a top 6 LW in the Sens’ prospect pool
5 Ottawa (via Rangers) R Matt Coronato This seems where the draft starts to fall off a bit and I could see this pick getting moved but if not, the dynamic Coronato would be an odd fit for the Sens but assets are assets
6 Worshington R Fabian Lysell While this pick is being shopped, I don’t believe it gets moved and Lysell feels a safer bet than the other options here for the Caps
7 Minnesota R Dylan Guenther If the Yotes don’t mess up his development, he’s got a good chance as anyone in this draft to be an impact player…but thats a big if and why he drops to the Wild
8 Islanders C Zachary Bolduc More likely ends up a LW as he projects to be similar to Beauvillier in style who can score goals and the Isles could use a winger exactly like that
9 Columbus C Fedor Svechkov The Jackets pool boasts a deep set of players so a Russian that can take their time to develop would make some sense though I could also see this pick being moved due to that prospect depth
10 Winnipeg G Sebastian Cossa This could easily be wrong but went with BPA and felt like the Jets will just go that route, whoever that is
11 Anaheim R Chase Stillman He’s gonna be an NHLer for sure, just may not be in a top 6 role and thats fine, Lance has tons of top tier prospects so a guy who can play physically and be a top 9 winger will fit in well long term
12 Worshington (via Tampa Bay) L Zachary L’Heureux Back-to-back guys who will be definite NHLers, L’Heureux likely is more of a physical beast that will fit in well with the skill players that the Caps are accumulating
13 Vegas (via Dallas) D Corson Ceulemans With the top pick being a stud center, the Knights can select a boom-or-bust type of d-man but if he hits, he could be every bit as good as the other top d-men in the draft
14 Chicago C Wyatt Johnston This is another spot where I see the talent start dropping off but I’m trusting the Stars with how they seem to consistently find NHLers and the Hawks are basically taking the BPA at this spot
15 Worshington (via Florida) R Danila Klimovich A guy that I’m pretty high on and think could be a steal so the Caps take that home run chance after playing it safe with the previous pick
16 Islanders (via LA) L Prokhor Poltapov I could see him fall further also because he’s a Sabre prospect but his upside is high and still seems safe as a prospect for the Isles to take

Worshington (via St. Louis)

C Zack Ostapchuk A huge boom-or-bust guy who looked good in his 2nd season in the Dub but I think his size and style will fit nicely for the Caps (though it may be in a more middle 6/bottom 6 role)
18 San Jose R Josh Doan With a famous father who’s a former Yote, he projects as a safe prospect who likely ends up in the bottom 6 in the future which is fine for the Sharks
19 Nashville D Ryker Evans A late bloomer, he could turn out to be an absolute steal but probably more of a 2nd pairing potential type for the Preds
20 New Jersey L William Stromgren A tall goalscorer with good skating, he likely could go higher but needs to work on his play without the puck and the Devils can let him work on that
21 Worshington (via Philly) C Logan Stankoven Even with his smaller stature, he could easily be a top 6 goal scorer but likely on the wing and could take quite some time to get there for the Caps
22 Vancouver (via Montreal) L Ilya Fedotov Another boom-or-bust prospect, he’s all offense so that may pose some challenges making the NHL but a smart chance to take for the Canucks
23 Detroit R Ville Koivunen A slight winger thats a jack of all trades with really good hockey IQ, patience will be rewarded with him and Detroit’s depth chart can allow that to happen
24 Ottawa (via Buffalo) L Aleksandr Kisakov Hey guess what, another boom-or-bust guy that can score goals but the downside is the skating and that may end up limiting his potential but Sens can take another swing with this pick
25 Minnesota (via Boston) D Benjamin Roger He’s a raw mobile d-man with size who will likely be more of a defensive-minded d-man who I like for the Wild but easily could see this be a forward picked in the next few spots
26 Vancouver C Jayden Grubbe More of a defensive forward so I could see him sliding further but if the offense develops, he’d be a really good 2-way centerman and continues to bolster the Nucks pool of prospects
27 Rangers (via Colorado) L Matthew Knies Let’s be honest, I think he goes higher just because he’s a Leaf prospect but his size and offensive abilities also suggest he should go higher and would be a no-brainer for Ajay to grab here
28 Calgary C Samuel Helenius A behemoth (6’6″) 2-way centerman, he’s a safe prospect though the offense may not quite be there in the end which the Flames need to restock the pantry
29 Vegas (via Toronto) D Stanislav Svozil If he can add some size, there’s no reason he won’t be a top 4 d-man in the NHL that excels at both ends of the rink and the Knights could use another top 4 d-man prospect
30 Detroit (via Carolina) C Riley Kidney He’ll be easy to project as a top 6 forward who models his game after Marner and Suzuki if he can improve on his skating (which I think is the easiest thing to address as a prospect) so Detroit just keeps adding to that offense


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