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Bolts Dream Season

Y30 couldn’t be going any better for the Bolts thus far. They only wanted to be a playoff team and establish a long term winning culture with the youth on their roster. They have certainly accomplished that goal so far this season, but it’s not a stretch to say they have accomplished so much more than that. No Bolts squad has finished higher than 5th in the East, right now the Bolts are the #1 team in the East and have a 23 point cushion between them and 2nd place in their division, so while statistically it is possible to finish below 2nd, it doesn’t seem likely at this point. Along with this there hasn’t been a Bolts team in history to crack the 100 point mark, the closest they have ever gotten is a 97 point season in Y17. The Bolts as of right now sit at 106 points earned in 67 games, and pending a massive collapse it is a pretty safe bet that they should add to this total.

To have a season like this there must be some standout players on Tampa. Leading the charge is young franchise forward Andrei Svechnikov, late offseason add Logan Couture, Pavel Francouz in his first year of being a starting goalie, rookie goal scoring sensation Dominik Kubalik, and the dynamic d-pairing of Petry and McAvoy have all been great. Samuel Girard, Bo Horvat and Philip Danault have also been key cogs in the machine for the Bolts. 

Come trade deadline time GM MacPherson wasn’t sure what to do. Should he stay put and keep the chemistry alive? Or should he throw all caution into the wind and say “fuck it”? He seemed to go with the later option. Among the additions were rental forwards Jordan Eberle and Jaime Benn, two-way d-man Dmitry Orlov, and top line forward Bryan Rust. So far all the adds have played pretty well in their respective roles and seemed to have added some much needed firepower to the Bolts lineup. The best way to cap off the season for the Bolts would be with a championship, but to do that they have to keep the ball rolling. While the Bolts know the odds are against them, they will try everything they can to bring Boltland their first championship banner.

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