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Devils try to turn the corner (finally)

Well it have been 7 season, since GM Khan took over the New Jersey Devils, and the direction he took that team didn’t impress any of the loyal fans in Newark, but understanding the need to rebuild this team at that time, it looked like the only course of action, and it took the Devils to the very bottom of the league for a very long, in which Devils became the laughing stock of the league, finishing last season with 7 wins and 22 points, in what might have been the worst performance by any team in any season ever.

So the Devils have been looking past the season and towards the draft for a long time, and this has lead to some very good prospects being selected every season, which will starting this season try to help to Devils towards a playoff spot instead of being basement dwellers for the foreseeable future.

So here’s a overview of this team and how they got there,

For our top forwards, most of them didn’t actually get on out roster via the draft, but trades that took place a couple of seasons back, Tatar, Couturier, Sheahan and Kardi, who are all excepting to have a top 6 role this season all arrived to the Devils in separate deals, while Forsburg and Grigensons where drafted by the Devils, all of these players have potential to get even better in the coming seasons as well if they want to hold on to their current position in the line-up, with guys like Drouin, Nichuskin, Strome and Draisaitl looking to take their spots very soon.

Our defence is lead by Josi who has suffered with Tatar probably more then any other 2 players, as they have both been here for a very long time, and are ready to start the season with a half decent core around them, Oleksaik is one of the rare players on this team that’s been here longer then GM Khan himself as he was just drafted a couple of weeks prior to decision by the ownership to seek new management, and no one on our current defence for next season was even drafted by the Devils, with Del Zotto being picked up for a 3rd round pick a couple seasons back, and our top 6 will probably be adding Ryan Murray who suffered an injury and won’t be able to play this season.

Now to the starting Goalie, Andrew Hammond AKA The Hamburgler, originally was signed as an insurance to our tanking policy, being the worst rated goalie in the DHL last season, but he put in great work over the course of the off-season and is primed to take our the crease and lead the Devils as far as he can.

With all these pieces in place the Devils finally decided to get some veteran help this off-season, bringing in Eric Ferh and Nazmi Kadri who are new to the Devils, but these guys didn’t have the veteran touch that we where looking for, so the Devils in a move to almost surprised quite a few in this league, went out and signed the best forward on the open market in Patrick Marleau, and are still trying to make moves to erase the suffering that was inflicted upon Newark in the last 7 seasons.

Nobody really knows what this team will do when the games start, but the fans will be happy either way, since this team has to be better then the ones that were getting beat downs from every team in a nightly basis. While the assistant coach had this to say:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7fjDS0jKiE

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