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DHL 30 Thoughts

Bored and figured I’d do this before the playoffs start, winging this as I go along


Lance and his Ducks are super close to being a competitive force in the west. Just needs one of his youngin’s to step up as a guy you can truly build around. Kakko could still be that player but he needs to get his shit together, super young so still plenty of time. Also after this season I believe that Lance is either a) from the future or b) can see the future. Trades DeAngelo and little over a week later it seems that DeAngelo’s NHL career is in serious jeopardy. 



Talk to Jules on a regular basis and this whole season she was looking for a solid rated tendy. She finally got one in Khudobin. Khudobin was less than stellar during the season in Boston though. Bruins could win the cup easily but they need Khudobin to pull his shit together. Me and Jules have a Kapanen for Panarin trade lined up in the offseason. Kapanen is easily the greatest Penguin ever so I’m getting swindled.



Buffalo was scaring me near the end of the year. Had this huge lead over them for 1st in the east and BAM 16 game win streak for the Sabres. Team has a well balanced lineup this season, this offseason though might be a bit of a bitch though. Matthews, Dahlin and Risto need new contracts and Andersen, Burns, Oshie and Stastny are all ufa’s. Adam has his work cut out for him, from my experience though Adam usually has things (or seemingly does at least) planned out as in every league I’m in with him he’s always in the mix of competitors it seems.



Was honestly shocked Smallz and his flames didn’t make the playoffs. Havin Rask made him a lock for the playoffs for me. Although he does have Tavares and that might explain why he didn’t make it. Tavares chocked for the Bruins last year in the playoffs as well. No one should bid on Tavares this offseason because he makes his teams worse. I’ll take one for the league and sign him.



Nate Mack and Corey Crawford willed this team into the playoffs. Mayo should be on GMOTY ballots, turning a shit Canes team into a pretty good squad. As much as I’d enjoy seeing Nate continue to will this team forward, I think the Sabres end the Canes season. However I’ve been wrong before. Only once though. Mayo has Toffoli and I want him. He’s only good against Vancouver Mayo, you won’t miss him.



The enigma that is Chicago. On one hand you have a franchise cornerstone in Eichel and other great pieces like Landy, Provorov and Rakell. After that thought there isn’t much. Gibson is good, but he’s trapped on a shit Ducks squad. Team is far from a lost cause though, just needs some depth. I’d say spending 20M on several forwards/d-men would be a good investment this ufa instead of just Backstrom. Gotta say when I saw that bid all I could think of was when Lance dropped 70M or something like that for one year of Rinne in SHL. It was hilarious. 



Adam should be a prime candidate for GMOTY as well. Presidents trophy winners, and looking for revenge after losing in 6 to the Habs last year. One of the most well rounded teams in the league. Gets a 1st round matchup against the Stars which sucks for them as the Stars are pretty good. Aging core too as a lot of their guys reaching ufa age. Adam, if you decide to rebuild I call dibs on Vasi.



A surprising departure as Kris left late in the season, Keith came in and made a plethora of moves to help build for the future. Not much else to say. Stutzle looks like a guy you  can build a team around, 5 1st round picks helps out too. If Keith fully embraces the rebuild and doesn’t cut out of it prematurely, he could have a potential dynasty.



Man I’m surprised Dallas is the 8 seed. The deepest team in the league imo. Could be a 7 game series and give Colorado a fight. Some big ufa’s coming up this offseason, Carlson, Giroux, and Mr.20M. Overall though Dallas looks like they have a strong future ahead with plenty of young rfa talent.



Pasi loaded his squad up by adding guys like Zibby and Hyman. Zibby will terrorize Lindgren on John-Sharks side. If the Wings lose this series, it could be one of the biggest upsets of all time. Just because Lindgren can’t stop a beachball doesn’t mean you can not try. Maple Leaf fans know this too well. At least Lindgren doesn’t drive a Zamboni?



Rod the god has a long way to go, he’s got Lafreniere (even though I needed him more). He’s got Amirov too. Don’t know how I feel about him. Seems like a solid spec but don’t know if there is some Leafs-Media bias into how good he actually is. Saw some “he’s the next Kucherov” headlines some time ago. If he’s the next Kucherov than Holden will eat a hat, he still needs to do that in SHL anyway.



Gotta give Rich a lot of credit, making the playoffs 6 seasons in a row as an expansion team is pretty impressive. I have to play him this round and I don’t like it. If memory serves correct he has the best GA/G average in the league. Anyway solid team with plenty of two-way talent. He’s got Cody Glass whom I wouldn’t mind having. Want to make a bet Rich? I win the series I get Cody Glass from you. You win you get Adam Fox from Jules? Seems pretty fair.



Adrian expertly guided the kings away from total and utter disaster. Starting the year 3-11-0 and still making it as the 7 seed is pretty decent. He got was given somewhat false goods by Lance and his rfa offensive d-man has turned into a potential NHL to KHL dropout. Overall still has a pretty good future even without DeAngelo. Needs a goalie for next season and it seems to be a war for goalies every offseason so will have to hunker the hatches and try to blackmail any GM’s who want Varly. 



Minny has started the rebuild. Chris got a pretty good package from me for Scott Gome… I mean Phillip Danault (each took over a year to get a goal, laugh at my joke) and Mr.Soup. I though Mikheyev was the greatest thing since sliced bread but unfortunately I was reading too many Leaf bias articles. Anyway Chris has a long road ahead it seems, unless Keller finally realizes his potential. Either way Chris (from my experience in other leagues) one of the best at building a new young team so have no doubts he’s thought 5 moves ahead.



Trevor has a lot of good goalies, either good because their ratings or good because they are young and have tons of potential. One of the best all-around organizations in the league as he has plenty of picks, cash, and a very good roster with plenty of rfa talent. Overall Trevor has a strong shot of repeating with Bishop in the net. Trevor seems to have taken Steve’s throne as the goalie king.



Speaking of Steve, he currently has the best rated goalie in the league, which instantly gives him a good shot of winning the cup. I voted that LA wins in 6 games but if Hellebuyck gets hot, there might not be a team in the league who can stop the Preds. Plenty of young talent too with Point, Mantha, Ekblad, etc…. If I’m a team who’s players are cold offensively, this is the team I don’t want to play at all.


New Jersey

Draisaitl is essentially a cheat code this season. The man tore the league a new one with 49 goals and 69 assists. After that, there is a significant drop off of production from the supporting cast. Josi had 71 points as a d-man which is pretty elite, but the next leading scorer was Couturier with 69 points. With very meh goaltending, the key to beat the Devils is just shut down Draisaitl. If he struggles, the team will likely sink with him.


New York Isles

Honestly, I can’t think of a team that has made less progress since I’ve joined the league than the Islanders. That’s not the current GM’s fault at all though as I think he’s done a solid job with the tire fire that he’s been given. Has a pretty decent trade chip with Fleury this offseason. Hopefully the Isles will be competitive in a couple years as it would be fresh to see them be relevant.


New York Rangers

Ajay has made some progress with the Rangers this season. Acquiring Podkolzin and adding him to a young core of Byram, Newhook and Hoglander. Rangers are still likely 3ish seasons away from being semi-comptitve, but Ajay is leading the team in the right direction. A lotto win would be big for this team (big for any team really I guess).



Ottawa has finally decided to hit the reset button. A very weak start to the year put the team in a hole of which they couldn’t climb out of. Ottawa had a great run though. Winning back to back cups is something that very few GM’s have done and any GM would be lucky to have the success that Ottawa had. A lot of prospects with Kailyev and Poulin being highlights. This could be a short rebuild potentially.



One of the more interesting team. Tkachuk is a great centerpiece (for the sim at least), a pretty good prospect pool, and a lot of cash to burn with 141M in the bank as of right now. With Nick still appearing to be comfortable rebuilding, this team could build up even more cash in the coming years. When Nick chooses to compete, he will terrorize the ufa market.



Feel bad as I don’t have much to say. Some decent specs, but roster is void of all hope. Not a ton of picks but has his own 1st which is key. Godspeed Justin.


San Jose

The sim gods were not kind to John, they decided to flip him the bird and strike down Grubauer for a month SST (Sim Standard Time). Can Lindgren hold the fort down? Will David Ayer get the call? Will they play the 2 forwards and 3 d-men in a attempt to put meat shields in front of Lindgren? If San Jose can survive their 1st round matchup I think that would be a major win for the team.



Hanson did his yearly shuffle of the team and they are good. There isn’t really much new here. He has Ovie hitting the ufa market but Hanson has showed time and time again that he will find a way to make his team great. Give me Makar plz. I’ll give ya Mathieu Joseph, he’s pretty good.


Tampa Bay

Svechnikov is pretty cool.



Surprised the Leafs didn’t finish in the top in the conference, Alex has put together a good team with plenty of youth. Some guy named McDavid highlights the group. Alex showed he meant business this season when he acquired Pacioretty from Ottawa as well. I think the battle for the eastern conference champ will come down to Toronto and Buffalo. Will be interesting to see how a series between those two juggernauts would pan out.



Matt has a solid team as always. Team lacks a true star but they are pretty damn deep. I’d say he easily boasts the best goalie tandem in the league. Tried to get Tatar off him before the deadline but admittedly the pieces I offered were meh at best, but still tried to give er a whirl. Vancouver is one of those teams that could upset a team with a couple of stars potentially. If one goalie struggles Matt can easily just swap the other in.



Jaime has started the rebuild in Vegas. Prospect pool is solid but nothing spectacular. He has Blackwood as a trade chip which should be give him a nice haul. I gave Blackwood to Vegas for free during the expansion period. Thought Soderstrom was a better tendy. I still have nightmares about this decision.



Another long time competitor finally rebuilding. Todd got a nice haul for Kucherov, kinda wish I pushed harder for him but I didn’t think my team would be relevant. Anyways Todd has a very strong start to the rebuild and will likely be able to compete in the very near future as I can’t imagine with guys like Hart and Necas that he is far off. From being a contender for a playoff spot at least.



Yeo seems to have the most patience out of anyone in the league, I don’t remember any big moves he’s ever made. He trusts his drafting and it has paid off with guys like Tkachuk and Suzuki being studs. Josh Norris is coming along as well and will soon join this young core. I am really intrigued what direction Yeo will take the team as they have got some high end pieces, just need some depth to help them out. If he wins the lotto we could see a wicked top 6 forward group around Tkachuk, Suzuki, Norris and Byfield. That’d be sick.


Overall these thoughts are likely trash but was just put down the first thing that came to mind for all these teams. Didn’t go into much depth as I wanted to get this out as fast as possible.

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