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DHL Y27 Eastern Conference Preview

While the season hasn’t started yet, we will take a quick look at how the east should pan out this year pending any massive changes.


It’s hard to imagine anyone but the Leafs finishing 1st in the east this upcoming season. Led by McDavid, Matthews, Wheeler and Andersen, the Leafs have star power that will be hard to stop. With all that star power it’s amazing the Leafs have depth. Chabot, OEL, Hamilton, Marner, Radulov and Haula make a great supporting cast. The defending champs will be the team to beat in the east this year.


In 2nd place come the Habs. This year they look even more dangerous than the team that finished 1st in the conference last year. Adding Burns, Marchand, Petry and O’Reilly give the Habs some firepower. They of course lost some names as well but they gained more than they lost. Bishop being the man between the pipes will only make the Habs scarier. This will be the team with the best chance to beat out the Leafs.


The Capitals are a bit weaker this season in my opinion but they are still a strong club. Kucherov will be leading the way for the club as that offensive dynamo every team wants. The club doesn’t have the star power it had in recent years but they have a lot of depth. Giroux, Pavelski, Faulk, Tarasenko, Trouba, Granlund, Soderberg, Miller and Johnson round out a deep core.


The Senators once again boast a strong team. Rinne, Karlsson, Backstrom, Lindholm and Patches will be the guys leading the charge. The one glaring issue with this team is a lack of overall scoring. Patches is the only player with an SC that’s in the 70’s. Everyone else is 69 or below. If this team can find some more scorers they could shoot up the standings. As of right now they’ve gotta hope they can get the offence done by committee and that their defence and Rinne holds up.


The Pens are going to give the opposing goalies nightmares. A top 6 of Mackinnon, Hall, Seguin, Benn, Couture and Smith is terrifying. Add in a reasonable top pair of Nisky and Green and goalie Hutton you might be asking yourself “why aren’t they ranked higher?”, well that’s because it’s a deep drop off after that. A second pairing of Demers and Kempny is extremely weak. They have the opposite problem of the Sens, they can score goals galore but defence is questionable. The Sens are ahead of them as the overall depth of the Sens is better. This is the team I’m most unsure about and could shoot up the standings or down to 8 pending how much the sim likes it.


The Devils are going to be looking to prove something after missing the playoffs last season. Weber, Josi, Couturier, Forsberg, Hertl and Draisaitl will be leading the way for the Devils. A weak spot for the Devils will be goaltending. Halak is solid but he isn’t great. The Devils could be a team that surprise a lot of people though as they have a really good young forward core.


The Panthers had a rough off-season. Losing out on Toews was a tough blow but the Panthers are showing they are resilient. Going out to grab Jumbo Joe as a temporary 1C was a good move. Florida’s defence is pretty damn good to led by Muzzin and McDonagh on the top pairing followed up by Seabrook and Cole. Lehner is a decent starter as well. The reason this team isn’t higher up is the lack of star power.


The race for 8th will be tight between two teams but I think that in the end the Isles will come out on top. Subban, Duchene and Kane are 3 really good players and Quick is an okay enough of a starter to help steal a game or 2. This team got screwed over in ufa and therefore in a difficult position of not having their 1st and not being an overly good team. This new GM has been pretty active so I expect a move or two to bolster his teams depth.


Yeo has made some moves to make this team competitive. Adding Brown, Bjugstad, McElhinney and Leddy among others gives this team some decent depth. Tkachuk looks to be a key contributor as well. This team has just as likely of a chance at getting that 8th seed as the Isles, with such similar teams it may come down to whoever wins the season series between the two teams to determine who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.


This is a team that the Isles and the Jets will have to be careful of, the Sabres just added Norris caliber d-man Morgan Reilly and I know from personal experience that even if your team sucks, an 80ov d-man can steal you a lot of games. Add in Dahlin, Dubois, Nylander, Chychrun, Konecy and McGinn this teams core isn’t overly deep or good(as of right now) but having a half decent vet goalie in Anderson and star Morgan Reilly this could be a team that could get that 8th spot as well, just less likely with not a lot of depth.


The next 4 spots will most likely be shuffled around a lot during the year, but Boston looks to be the best of these next 4 teams that will be shuffled around. Rakell, Keller, McCann and Backlund are all solid players that were added. Holtby is a solid tendy as well, could ruin Juliets tank. Overall a roster that’s prepared to compete in the future and be bad but not terrible this year. If Backlund is moved the Bruins probably fall down a spot.


The Rangers have joined in on the tanking party. This team was murdered by ufa as a lot of their stars were pending ufas. With Killorn, Braun, Perrault and Edmundson as their best skaters, this team not good. Jones should steal a couple games for the Rangers though. This team looks to be in rebuild mode for a while it seems.


I put myself 13th but will probably end up in the playoffs as Perry, McAvoy and Svech just carry my team there.


This team has some decent depth up front but Nick’s goalies are rated like 4th string netminders. This team could end up higher if they can stop a beachball but they’ll probably look like they are playing dodgeball more so than hockey.


Mayo’s team is in the same situation with Nick’s Flyers in terms of their goalie situation, unlike the Flyers though the Canes have no depth whatsoever. This team is horrible and will look to have the best shot at Kakko or Hughes in the east this year.

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