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DHL Y29 October Mock Draft

It’s really early in the season to do this but I’m currently in a 3 hour class so trying to make the time pass by quicker. My own draft lottery results were done and we will do the first 14 picks of the draft.

1st Overall – Anahiem

2nd Overall – Tampa Bay

3rd Overall – Dallas

4th Overall – Islanders

Above are the results of the draft lotto that was conducted, from this we will determine which team picks what player.

1st(Anaheim) – Kaapo Kakko

Lance gets a nice top line wing to play alongside one of Krebs, Poehling or Steel on the top line. Kakko should be the face of the DHL Ducks for a long time.

2nd(Tampa Bay) – Bowen Byram

I hope the lotto gods are this kind to me, the clear #2 in this draft, Byram should be a top pairing d-man for years to come. He’ll be a nice player to play with McAvoy.

3rd(Dallas) – Vasili Podkolzin

The next couple of picks could play out in a lot of ways as it’s not overly clear who’s the best prospect here. I think Chris goes for the high upside pick and takes this Russian monster. Podkolzin has been bouncing around the KHL, VHL and MHL this year, why this could be of concern Podkolzin just does so many things well he has the highest upside of the remaining prospects in my opinion.

4th(New York Islanders) – Alex Newhook

Once again there are a lot of options to go with here but me being a Newhook fan might bias this pick a bit. Newhook has a lot to like about his game and would be a solid piece to help Dustin bring back the Islanders from purgatory, that team is a mess.

5th(Carolina) – Moritz Seider

Mayo has a solid future forward core led by the likes of Dach, Hayton, Frost and Denisenko. There is a lot of potential between those guys and it could be an elite top 6 someday. The defence is lacking however and Seider would immediately be their best d-prospect. Seider might not be the best player left at this point but this is a major need for Carolina to fill.

6th(Edmonton) – Matthew Boldy

Boldy hasn’t been overly impressive so far this year, only 1 goal in 5 games to this point. But Boldy brings a lot more to the table besides his scoring ability. Has decent two-way ability while being able to play a power-forward type of game. With God Spike having drafted Cozens in the last draft Boldy could be a nice winger to put on his line.

7th(Boston) – Ville Heinola

If Boston’s pick ends up here I wouldn’t be surprised to see it traded away, Juliet is preparing to make the Bruins relevant again and there is no real “stand out” here. Heinola however was playing in the NHL and had a pretty good audition. With 5 points in 8 games he was certainly impressive he for sure made the team off the basis that most of Winnipeg’s d-men are of AHL caliber rather then him being good enough for the show. Could see Juliet going with a forward here but Heinola would be hard to pass up if she kept the pick.

8th(Calgary) – Philip Tomasino

If Boston didn’t really need another d-prospect then Calgary for sure doesn’t need another one. If Smallz wasn’t able to trade back then Philip Tomasino would probably fit his team best. He’s had an impressive start to the year with 25 points in 15 games and is seen as an all-around forward. Overall I see Tomasino as a sort of high floor type of player but maybe not the highest ceiling.

9th(Buffalo) – Philip Broberg

Adam’s Sabres are another team set on defence, but at this point in the draft Broberg probably has the highest upside remaining. If I am being honest I wouldn’t touch Broberg as there are certainly some red flags around him. Has all the physical gifts in the world but hockey IQ is questionable. Certainly could be a high impact player but all depends on if GM’s feel comfortable about the faults he has. Biggest boom or bust in the draft and I feel like he could go 5 spots before this spot or 5 spots after, that is how uncertain of him I am.

10th(Florida) – Tobias Bjornfot

This would be a savy pick right here. Bjornfot gives Rich a piece that is already putting up a ppg in the AHL as an 18 year old defenceman. While certainly not the highest upside d-man left Bjornfot has begun to prove himself to be a very capable pro player.

11th(Nashville) – Bobby Brink

Steve has a solid young core on his team consisting of Meier, Point, Ekblad, Dumba and Mantha. With this pick here I could see him taking a risk on a guy like Brink. Brinks main issue was his skating (which is almost a must have in today’s NHL) but the thing with him is his talent level is insane. He also works hard in his own end and doesn’t mind getting his nose dirty and battling for the puck. Could be a steal here potentially which is saying something.

12th(Vancouver) – Thomas Harley

One of my personal favourites in this draft, he’s a big two-way d-man with who has been tearing up the OHL. Thus far he has 17 points in 11 games which is a really good start for a d-man. While he is classified as a two-way d-man he has some wrinkles in his own end but he’s still only 18 so it’s just a matter of letting him develop. He like Brink has the chance to be a steal at this spot.

13(New York Rangers) – Raphael Lavoie

Ajay has been looking to add a good forward prospect and he gets a chance to do that with this pick. Lavoie is a big goal scoring centre currently playing for the Mooseheads, he has improved his points output so far this year with 11 goals and 14 assists in 16 games. While Lavoie is very talented, his biggest issue is being consistent game to game, which may hinder his long term potential.

14(Detroit) – Cam York

Pasi thanks the hockey gods that York fell to him. While York is smaller then you’d want your sim d-men to be, he has high offensive upside. I think he has a serious chance to be a Keith Yandle type of guy. The reason he falls is if his offensive side doesn’t shine, he doesn’t bring much else to the sim. Still a very solid d-prospect that fell quite a bit.

I probably did a horrible job of this, please berate me.

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