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DHL’s Most Controversial Trades Pt. 1

Posted by Nick in the forum:


I was looking back in the old trades to find a something and what I found was a few trades that really got the guys the league fired up. I thought I would kinda bring some of them back with a recap and some quotes that are kinda funny now in hindsight. Obviously these are all from the past 5 seasons with everything before that on the old forum.

P.S.: Wish the old forum was still around. There was hours of entertainment on that baby.

Infamous Trade # 1

The Trade for #1st Overall in the Season 15 Draft between Stefan and Mayo

To Carolina
Nick Bjugstad
Sebastien Collberg
6th overall pick (Derrick Pouliot)

To Anaheim
1st overall selection in the DHL Draft (Mikhail Grigorenko)

So, this was a trade that was panned by basically everyone in the league and time has not made it look any better. Nick Bjugstad will be a 75 OV, 23 year old forward next season. Derrick Pouliot looked great in his limited action last season and should be a great young asset moving forward. Sebastian Collberg has struggled in his first season in North America, so the jury is still out on him. On the other side is Grigorenko. He has been dicked around by Buffalo now for a few years. His AHL numbers have been respectable but he has been unable to translate that to any NHL production yet. He will have to be pretty impressive next season with Colorado for this trade to not look like one of the biggest steals in recent DHL history.

Highlights of the comments are some classic Sergio trying to get Mayo going, Pasi telling other people how bad their trades are, a healthy serving of Arpan (Arpan is a common theme here), and good old DHL mob shaming of the perceived loser of the trade.


Trade #2

The Rui/Arpan Player Borrowing Saga

Here is the original trade:

To Washington:
Patrick Elias

To Calgary:
Cody Franson
1 mill
*Stephen Weiss

Note* If I do not finish 15th in the east I get Weiss back at the end of the season (I know this sounds like a weird condition but it is simply done to clear extra cap space and allow me to get Weiss back at the end of the season.)



A few minutes after this is posted. Ben posted the player borrowing rule that this clearly violates. Arpan’s Caps were first in the East at the time of the trade and there are only 14 teams in the eastern conference making it impossible to finish 15th. So, he was basically lending Weiss to Rui for safe keeping to stay under the salary cap.

Arpan then makes several posts about how he didn’t know this was a rule, how stupid the rule is, and how the rule shouldn’t apply to him. Arguments ensue. Then Rui comes in with this gem:
I never agreed to this.

Arpan Replies:

There is a collective league face palm and the deal is shut down by John.

For most people that would be the end trying to pull off player borrowing, but not Arpan.


Deal #2

To Washington:

To Calgary: Jay Harrison



The first comment on this one was Adam.

Great move Arpan. Gave away a player when u could have made 1.5 mil and avoided a fine!

Adam had offered $1.5M to Arpan that day and was turned down because Arpan wanted more money. Adam commented back that he would wait and pick Harrison off waivers the next day because Arpan was over the cap and would need to drop Harrison one way or another. So, Adam was likely a little peeved to see a deal posted for a third of what he had offered.

The cap fine that Adam is referring too is in detail here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=153&p=811&hilit=Cap+Cop#p811

Once again Arpan didn’t think the rules should apply to him.

Anyway….. to get back on track the Harrison for $500k went thru without issue, but became an issue in the offseason.


Deal #3

To Calgary:
$2.5M cash

To Washington:
Jay Harrison


Once again there is a little back and forth between Adam and Arpan. Mears jumps in to call bullshit on this one. Arpan can’t understand how anyone could thing he was trying to “rent” a player off to Rui. The TC reviews and declines this trade.


To be continued……….

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