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Halfway Mark

As we enter the halfway mark for the season, the Islanders are in a much better place then they were expecting to be before the puck dropped 40 games ago.  After trading away some of their best players, Wheeler, Thornton, and Marchand in the off season, and now Phaneuf in the regular season, the Islanders were expecting to drop in the standings, and not be anywhere close to contention.  Now, on the halfway point in the season, the Islanders sit 3rd in the east, and 4th overall in the league.  With this unexpected success, GM Jonny is now trying to add to his teams success, and they are actively searching for a number one centre and a scoring winger.

When asked, GM Jonny said, “We have two or three guys in mind, and we are in talks with a few GMs.  We’re trying to add these guys, and try at a cup run, without ruining our teams future.  We don’t mind spending our picks (one of which is ranked as a top 5 pick currently) to get these guys, we do however want to try and keep as many of the young guys we recently acquired as we can.  We do want to see the Stanley Cup in Brooklyn, and we will do whatever we can to make it happen.”

As the trade deadline draws closer, the Islanders currently have $5, 929, 344 in cap space, which will soon rise to $7, 929, 344.  GM Jonny also had this to say about the deadline, “we have guys that we are looking to move at the deadline, guys with good contracts that could help a team, we just need the space for potential top line players.”

40 games in, 42 to go, 3rd in the east, the Islanders are hoping that they can take this team of odds and ends, add a couple stars, and hopefully finally get a cup in Brooklyn again.

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