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Holtby Guarentees Caps In Finals….. Reveals Story of 7th Man

Prior to Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, goaltender Brayden Holtby met with media to discuss what went wrong in Game 5 and what adjustments need to be made to close out the series in Toronto tonight….

“We have to be better as team. I have to be better FOR my team. I mean come one… 4 goals in the first period? 4 goals on what 15 shots? I am supposed to be the best goaltender in this league and thats just not good enough. I am better then that.”

When asked what went wrong Holtby was very blunt and to the point and had a bold prediction…

“We let them come into our building and take our fans out of the game early on. They came in desperate and we didnt rise up in our house, in front of our fans to meet their level of intensity. It was embarassing and it wont happen again. We are ready for a fight in Game 6. I guarentee to you and all the fans back in Washington that this team is going to the finals. The Caps will be there in the finals guarenteed.”

When asked about a rumour of a letter or a poem sent to the team by a fan after being down 3-0 to Boston, Holtby revealed the story of the 7th man and how that has prepared them for the pressure of the Conference Finals….

“We were never even supposed to be here. In the Boston series going into Game 4 down 3-0 everything was going wrong for us and everyone had written us off as just another Presidents Trophy team to fizzle out early in the playoffs. Coach Bure came before the game with a Caps jersey with the #7 and a letter or a poem from an 8 year old little kid. I wont get into details of what goes on in the room but essentially the poem talked about how no matters what happens we are heroes to all the Washington fans and all these little kids that love this game and love the Caps. It talked about how they would be with us in Game 4, down 3-0 attempting to do the impossible and just to have fun. We all kind of looked at each other and realized how lucky we are to have the best fans in the world and that we couldn’t let this little kid down. That little kid titled his poem “The Seventh Man”. We framed the poem along with a Cap jersey with the #7 and it has been with us through the comeback and through this series. It gets its own locker and serves as a reminder that our fans are always with is.”

When asked about a prediction Holtby reiterated his promise and his guarentee before taking his morning skate with the team….

“I already told you man. You will not see another performance like Game 5 out of me or out of this team again in this series. We were the best team in the league all year for a reason. I was the best goalie in the league for a reason and your going to find out why. I will put this team on my back if I have to and if you ask Backstrom or Simmer or Hedman or anyone else in our locker room, they will tell you the same thing. This team went up 3-1 in this series for a reason and this team will be in the Cup finals. I will guarentee you that right now and if you ask any guy in that room they will make you that same promise. This team is going to the finals and you can quote me on that.”

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