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It’s Always SomerTime in Philly!

Philly Season 21 Rundown

After an early exit from the Season 20 playoffs the Flyers are chomping at the bit to get Season 21 started. It’s looking like another sunny season in Philly. This is by far the best team I have iced as a DHL GM.  It’s an improvement from last year’s team that finished 2nd overall to St. Louis and certainly has come along way from the lowly season 12 Flyers I took over almost 5 years ago (crazy how time flies).

Excuse my theft of format Chris

Projected Lineup


Palat (76) – Seguin (81) – Wheeler (80)

Stempniak (72) – Koivu (76) – Ryan (76)

Erat (69) – Weiss (67) – Parenteau (70)

Who Cares – Who Cares – Fraser (62)


Shattenkirk (78) – Yandle (72)

Demers (71) – Orlov (72)

Liles (68) – Jokipakka(66)


Quick (82)

Anderson (76)

Cap Hit: $39,991,688


Line One

Look the fuck out DHL. This line is gonna be a handful. Some how Seguin got even better from last seasons ratings. With 86 SC, 91 PC, and 81 PA to go along with his 80 SP and SK I am expecting big things from him this season. After my early playoff exit last year, I felt Seguin was in need of an elite winger to play with. Enter Blake Wheeler. His 85 ST, 67 IT, and 80 PA make him a prefect fit for the smaller Seguin’s right wing. On the left side Palat will be there with his 71 IT, and 71 DF to be the sandpaper and defensive player on the line, but he will still have the ability to be a big point producer with 80 PA and 78 PC.

Line Two

Koivu and Bobby Ryan had some pretty favorable re-rates and that is a big plus for my second line. Both have 75+ PC and Koivu is one of the better defensive centers in the league. Stempniak will be a bit of a drag on the line offensively, but is far from a black hole, and he provides solid DF SK SP and IT as well. I will defiantly be looking for a winger to upgrade this line when we get our cap bump at the deadline. The lack of a good finisher may hurt this line.

Line Three

This will be a be a bit of a weak spot. Weiss is far from my ideal 3rd line center, but with unexpected salary raises to Wheeler and Quick after the changes in contract adjustments this off season, I had to get a bit creative to stay under the cap. Weiss has some solid ratings in key areas 73 SP&SK, 64 PA, 65 PC, 62 DF and 64 SC. So, even at 67 OV I think he will be solid. Erat and Parenteau also have solid ratings but are small and lack the DF I would hope to have for my checking line. Overall I think this line is soft and will probably be a weakness, but I am hoping solid PC ratings will take away some of the pain from the low ST, IT, and DF that most teams covet on their 3rd line.

Line Four

Will be a bunch of losers who make $300,000. Hopefully they wont cost me too many goals against in limited ice time & fingers crossed for no long term injuries.


First D Pair

Kevin Shattenkirk is a beast in the sim. Season 19 Norris winner and consistently in the top 5 is scoring for defensemen. Looking for another dominant year from him. Yandle dropped in OV rating down to a 72. That was probably a blessing from a salary standpoint. He manage to keep his high PA and PC, but his SC took a major hit. Still a top offensive defenseman in the DHL though. Hopefully these two can kick start some rushes for the big boys up front and keep the puck in the other end with their high PC ratings.

Second D Pair

Jason Demers has turned out to be a nice fit in Dallas this year in the NHL. With his bump up in ratings this season he will be a nice fit on my 2nd pairing. Look who is back from the dead…… Orlov. Seems like forever ago now that I traded Nikita Nikitin to Minny Chris for him. Now that he has healed his fucked up wrist, that kept him outta action all last season, he has been producing nicely with limited mins with the Caps this season.  Orlov also translates nicely in to a top 4 D for me! With solid offensive ratings, a big body, and good mobility, he should have a good season.

Third D Pair

Liles played surprisingly well for my team last year, finishing the year with 25 points and a +1 rating. His ratings took a bit of a hit this season, but I’m hoping he will be serviceable in a pretty cushy role on my bottom pairing. Jyrki Jokipakka has a fantastic name, but some pretty sad ratings. Hoping he wont hurt me too much playing a pretty small role. This pairing is basically low salary guys who are not a total shit show.


Here is a real strength for my team.  Quick is a top 5 rated goalie in the DHL this season and I think Craig Anderson will be, by far, the best backup in the league. Having a solid back up will allow me to keep Quick well rested, and provide insurance if he gets injured.  I had Anderson on the block hoping to put his cap space to better use, but was only offered petty cash for him, so I’m keeping him in the hopes that he will be a low cost, average starter for next season.

Special Teams


Palat – Seguin – Wheeler

Shattenkirk – Yandle


Stempniak – Seguin – Ryan

Shattenkirk – Yandle

Hoping this group will repeat as the leagues top PP. Knowing the sim it will probably be the worst in the league.


Palat – Koivu

Demers – Orlov


Stempniak – Weiss

Liles –  Jokipakka

Hoping my excellent goaltending can make up for my lack of high DF D.  Palat and Koivu are a great forward pairing for PK one. Weiss and Stempniak are just OK.  This will likely be another weakness.


Season 21 Pros

  • High-end offensive weapons in my top 6.
  • High-end offensive Defenseman
  • Deadly PP
  • Top notch goaltending

Season 21 Cons

  • Poor Depth
  • Lacking defensive defensemen
  • Mediocre PK
  • Checking line with low ST and DF ratings


Questions for you, the DHL’s finest:

What do you see as my major weakness?

What do you think is my major strength?

Where do you think I will finish in the standings?

What would you change if you were in my position?

Are Grabo and Fleischmann using incriminating photos of Rod Spike to blackmail him for all his DHL cash?


Its Somer Time Baby!!!!!

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