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After literally an entire season of searching for a true starting goaltender, Anaheim found their man.

“Scott and Antti are fine starting options, but neither of them is Hank,” general manager Lance Lavelle said by phone this afternoon. “They’ll both remain proud Ducks, but we’re giving Hank the reigns immediately.”

Lundqvist boosts numbers similar to those of Raanta and Darling this season, but his experience, veteran leadership, and ability to play in back-to-back situations will

provide some stability down the stretch for the Ducks, a team in the midst of a twelve-game run that has seen only three wins. With another seven straight games and only four rest days between now

and the end of the season, Lundqvist will get thrown into the deep end, a role he has shown that he relishes.

“I’m just hoping to provide some victories,” Lundqvist said from the airport. “I won’t be ready for tonight’s game against Detroit, but I’m hoping to be in Anaheim for our game against Vancouver.”

In a wide-open Western Conference, it is hoped that the addition of Lundqvist will provide some assurance of success.

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