Dynasty Hockey League

Nashville – Halfway to nowhere

In what could be a small shock, Nashville once again seems set on another lottery pick. Without much effort, the management team has made little improvements from their poor showing last year. When GM Steve Ridsdale was asked what his thoughts were, he was pretty straight forward: ” I have no fucking idea?”.
For many years he has projected this year as a stepping stone, and he made moves to fill some much needed holes. The addition of Boone Jenner gave them a young goal scorer and he has held up his own and could very have a 30 goal season. Tyson Barrie has been as advertised, leading Nashville in scoring. Frans Neilson has been a good addition and is 2nd on the team as well. Michael Neuvirth sits with a .923 Svpctg and has shown he can at least carry the load as a #1 goalie. The problem?…..
” friggin Doan was supposed to offer much more than he has shown, 3 goals is not good enough for a team leader” says Ridsdale. He also notes that with the additions of Brouwer and Kulemin, they were to add some much needed secondary scoring and defensive abilities. Although our PP sits in the top ten, out PK is worse than it was in previous years. Goes to show, you can make whatever improvements you want but the sim, with the mind of a marshmallow, usually has the last word.

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