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Plekanec Rumours Squashed in Washington

Over the past week leading up to UFA, rumours had been swirling around the nation’s capital that Capitals GM Todd Westacott was working on a deal to secure the UFA rights to C Tomas Plekanec in an attempt to sign him to a team friendly deal. When an agreement could not be reached to obtain those rights prior to UFA it looked like the possibility of Plekanec in a Washington jersey was all but gone.

Those same rumours found there way back to the front burner and were hotter than ever when the results of Wave 1, Round 1 were revealed and the Washington Capitals were announced as the front running bid for Plekanec’s services. It now appears though that Washington is out for good reaching a deal with the Islanders to drop out of the bidding in exchange for a 2nd and 3rd round pick with Washington sending $5.5 million back the other way.

“We knew if we were bringing in Plekanec it would need to be on a 4 year deal for it to make sense for us. After Round 1 we took another long look and came to a concensus that there was too much growing concern internally for his ability to repeat what was his best season in the past 4 years over the term of the contract we were proposing. It was at that point we came to a decision that this was not the right move for us yet.” sadi GM Westacott.

Washington is still very much linked to another big name in this years edition of UFA Mark Giordano and are said to still be very much in the running for his services in Round 2.

“We have had a number of discussions with Mark and his agent as well as the other teams that qualified for Round 2 of bidding. After dropping out on Plekanec we feel that we are in a very good position to make a very strong offer to Mark Giordano and stand a good chance at landing him. We have our number in mind of what we think is good value for him and what we think it will take to win his services. We fully intend to move forward with making the best bid we can in Round 2 and hope that it is enough.”

It will be interesting to see how the Mark Giordano sweepstakes plays out.

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