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San Jose Draft History: Seasons 3-6

This kick-starts my series on the history of San Jose drafting. I found it interesting to look back and see how my team was formed. Along with comments on my picks, I’ve also included shrewd picks by other GMs per round. I know there was a Season 2 draft as I picked up Kopitar with it but we didn’t use XtraStats back then so there wasn’t a record of it. Also, we lost the old forum so the pick numbers may be off depending on the year. Nevertheless, enjoy!


Season 3 (non-split draft)

Season 3 was the one that really set the foundation for my squad. After drafting Kopitar the previous year, the three forwards I took this season rounded up my forward corps and then some. Because of that, I can overlook all the busts I grabbed later on.


Round 1

Phil Kessel – 2nd: Kessel took a while to reach expectations but he eventually did after a couple of trying years in Boston. I don’t regret this pick one bit.

Jonathan Toews – 3rd: After watching Toews at the WJHC, I was completely sold on him. I did whatever I could to trade up and get him. Terrific move by me.

Kyle Okposo – 6th: There was a ton of hype on Okposo coming into his draft year. He was the next big power forward with clips going around of him dangling and sniping. I think

Best Pick: Claude Giroux was a nice snag by Dallas 19th overall.


I’m pretty sure that I sent in a list for Rounds 2-7 so I was stuck with a few players I didn’t want.

Round 2

Jamie McGinn – 44th: McGinn has had a solid yet unspectacular NHL career so far with some seasons of real value. For a 44th pick, I’ll take it.

Jan Mursak – 55th: This one was a heartbreaker. Mursak was a easy to cheer for, incredibly fast, decently skilled and a Red Wing. I really liked this pick at the time but unfortunately, he didn’t pan out.

Best Pick: Montreal (Pasi?) wins Round 2 by stealing Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand at 31 and 34.


Round 3

Travis Roche -68th: I don’t remember drafting him at all but he did have one decent season in the league.

Carl Sneep – 71st: Being an early 2nd rounder in the NHL, I thought I stole him here. Turns out that everyone else was right. Too slow for the league.

Joe Ryan – 76th: Another disappointment for me. Joe Ryan was seen as a tough as nails stay-at-home type who had success under Patrick Roy in the Q. I think I compared him to Adam Foote. Oops.

Brian Strait – 79th: Strait was a good player for the USNTDP. He was seen as an ultra-reliable defenceman who needed to develop his offence a bit more. He’s been a late-bloomer but he’s carved out a career as a #6/7 type.

Best Pick: Not too much of note by Jeff Petry by Washington at 62 was nice.


Round 4

Pavel Valentenko – 103rd: This guy shot the puck 100 MPH and hit like a freight train but could never nail down the fundamentals. I had hope for him.

Alex Biega – 104th: Biega was known for his amazing skating but his size hindered him.

Best Pick: Vancouver’s selection of Steve Mason at 92.


Round 5

Denis Bodrov – Philly 2nd rounder had a cup of coffee in the AHL but is a KHLer for life.

Best Pick: Vancouver again with Patric Hornqvist at 115.


Round 6

Tim Kennedy: After a successful career in Michigan State, Kennedy actually looked promising for a while. Between him and Abdelkader, I thought he would be the better of the two. He just couldn’t find a role in the league as his size and mediocre defence held him back.

Best Pick: Philly grabs Matt Beleskey at 149.


Round 7

Noah Babin: Carolina signed him that off-season and there was a decent amount of hype back then. He scored 7 points in his first 11 games in his short stint the AHL that year but never saw that kind of production ever again. It was worth a shot.

Benjamin Breault: He was a smallish energy forward with good production in the Q. He couldn’t cut it in the pro ranks though.

Best Pick: Before his health issues, Rich Peverley was a solid player and Philly steals him with the 189th pick.



Season 4 (split draft from here onwards)

Season 4 was a completely uneventful draft for the Sharks. After grabbing 3 all-stars in the previous draft, I didn’t have any picks left this season. It also was the first split draft in DHL history so the dynamics changed.


Round 1


Best Pick: This was a pretty terrible first round. The file shows Kane at 11 and Turris at 10 but that’s because those teams won the lottery. Wayne Simmonds was the steal as the Kings grabbed him 25th overall.


Round 2

Chris Butler – 45th: Butler was coming off a good second year at Denver and was looking like a good second-pairing guy but unfortunately, he flamed out.

Drew Bagnall – 47th: I don’t remember taking him at all…

Best Pick: Dallas takes a kid named PK 30th overall.


Round 3


Best Pick: Nothing too notable here but Edmonton took Alec Martinez 67th.


Season 5

Unfortunately, there are no records of this draft anymore. However, looking at my Season 4 futures, it doesn’t look like I had any picks anyways. Again, three all-stars in the Season 3 draft!


Season 6

Season 6 saw the Sharks back in the draft game. I got a decent haul from this draft but the potential was there for so much more. Looking at the picks, it also marked the beginning of the stickboyy era in the DHL.


Round 1

Kyle Beach – 6th: This pick haunts me to this day. I was seriously considering taking Karlsson, who went one spot after to the Kings, but you know, forwards over defencemen… 😥

John Carlson – 12th: This Carlson pick redeemed my first round spectacularly. I had a good feeling about him and he proved me right by tearing up the OHL and he’s now a legit top-pairing defenceman (albeit not on my team).

Tyler Cuma – 17th: I really didn’t see anything else good here so I went with Cuma. He was a terrific skater with untapped offensive abilities. Unfortunately, injuries continued to plague him and he never made it.

Best Pick: Derek Stepan at 27 was a steal for Boston. Unfortunately for Mike, he sold him to me for 2 mil later on  😳


Round 2

Jori Lehtera – 30th: This dude took a looong time to come over to North America. I’m pretty sure I had already deleted him from my prospects pool at that point. He’s a solid but unspectacular 2-way centre for the Blues now.

Andre Petersson – 33rd: I grabbed him after a nice WJHC where he showcased his speed and shot. His size definitely hindered him but he’s now a star in the KHL after failing to get out of the AHL.

Travis Hamonic – 39th: His numbers were terrific in the WHL and he had also grown a few inches since being drafted. I saw visions of another Shea Weber with this pick. Although he proved to not have the same offensive talent as Weber, Hamonic has carved out a superb career as a top-pairing 2-way defender.

Colin Long – 42nd: His numbers in the WHL were great but he never had a pro style of game. I had a bad feeling about him the second I picked him.

Andrei Loktionov – 44th: Loktionov was one of the first Larionov clients who proved his mettle by playing the OHL. There was talk about him being the next Datsyuk at the time but he turned out to lack the talent and size to stick in the NHL.

Gustav Nyquist – 46th: Nyquist was a pure homer pick for me. At that time, some thought that his high-end potential was a good 3rd liner. Thankfully, this little dude defied the odds and is a legit top 6 forward in the league.

Derek Grant – 48th: He was a wild card coming off a great season in the BCHL. He’s tearing up the AHL this season but he’s never been able to stick in the NHL. His time is running out to carve a role.

Best Pick: Vancouver gets Braden Holtby at 51.


Round 3

Stephen Johnston – 74th: A pure homer pick. He was thought to have untapped potential. He didn’t.

Best Pick: Nick Bonino to Vancouver at 78 probably highlights an uneventful round.

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