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Season 20 Top UFA’s

It’s a forward-heavy crop of free agents this year and there’s plenty of talent to be had. However, there are really only a handful of teams with the cash and cap space to take advantage of it. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires. Here are the top 5 prizes this off-season:

5. Jason Spezza

It’s hard to believe that Jason Spezza has now reached UFA age. It seemed like yesterday that he was breaking into the NHL but Spezza is now a grizzled vet whose best days are likely behind him. However, the Stars are loaded on offence and I see everyone on that team piling on the points. He’ll be a viable top 6 centre for many more DHL seasons.

Carolina are the front-runners to retain his services but I can see Dallas making a play and moving Malkin or Little to the wing. Ottawa can use another playmaker behind Giroux.


Potential Destinations:

Carolina, Dallas, Ottawa


4. Patrick Marleau

Marleau is getting up there in age but he still brings a dynamic 2-way presence down the middle for any team that he plays on. The Sharks are a bit of a mess right now but they have a new coach and will be fired up after missing the playoffs last season. Look for a bit of a bounce-back from him. His versatility in playing any forward position adds to his desirability.

I can see Tampa retaining him with all of the funds that they have in their account but I can also see them letting him go for a payoff as he doesn’t exactly fit with the current team direction. Anaheim may look to make a splash as he and TJ would skate circles around their opponents. Vancouver could use him to return to the finals and I can see him fitting well there.


Potential Destinations:

Tampa Bay, Vancouver, Anaheim


3. Marian Hossa

Hossa is still bringing it every night as a Selke-calibre player. Although his goal scoring has dried up a bit, his point totals have remained relatively consistent and his teammates in Chicago will ensure that it stays that way.

There will be some heavy competition to sign him as I can see a number of teams that need a strong winger. He would legitimize Ottawa as a contender. Dallas probably has the greatest need for him as they’ll have to add some firepower on the wings if they are to make noise this year. Winnipeg will put all their eggs in one basket to retain him however, so it will take a ton of money for him to switch teams.


Potential Destinations:

Winnipeg, Dallas, Ottawa


2. Mark Giordano

This off-season is definitely skimpy on top-pairing defencemen. Giordano is arguably a top 3 defenceman in the entire league. However, many teams just don’t have the salary cap luxury of contending for his services so there might not be as much competition here as one would expect.

Calgary has tons of cap space and pretty much need to re-sign him to compete next season. Adrian in LA has shown a tendency to collect high-end blueliners in the past so he’ll be one to look out for. Jonny’s Islanders could use a shot of offence from the back as well since Phaneuf’s numbers have dried up.


Potential Destinations:

Calgary, LA, Islanders


1. Roberto Luongo

Luongo is the only starter quality goaltender in UFA this year which may make Luongo a hot commodity. He’s coming off a fantastic season in Florida and will be heavily counted on to lead that young team for many more seasons.

Despite the goalie scarcity, upon closer inspection, most of the league is pretty set in net. The biggest threat I see comes from Tampa Bay where Mike doesn’t really have anyone in net and is sitting on a pile on cash. Pasi doesn’t really need him but he’s always a candidate to do something crazy.


Potential Destinations:

Boston, Tampa Bay, Detroit


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