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Season 33 – Eastern Conference Numbers

Please note all calculations are driven off best 20 players in rosters. At the time of writing Worshington was under the cap floor.

Team: Boston
Overall ranking: 25th
Conference ranking: 12th
Forwards: Overall: 26th Conference: 12th
Defense: Overall: 27th Conference: 14th
Goaltending: Overall: 25th Conference: 10th

Notes: Similar to LA, Boston ripped apart a contending team with the goal of selling off pieces for a quick rebuild while holding high odds for the “plight for Wright” and “fall hall for Bedard” drafts. I think Boston actually did a better job as their high end prospects are further out from making an impact than LA’s. Where Boston’s success will be determined is in finding trade partners for its few decent players so that their lottery odds are not significantly impacted.

Team: Buffalo
Overall ranking: 17th
Conference ranking: 8th
Forwards: Overall: 19th Conference: 8th
Defense: Overall: 7th Conference: 3rd
Goaltending: Overall: 23rd Conference: 7th

Notes: Always a contend in recent years, Buffalo is very similar to the NHL team that they appear to be modeled after in that they always find a way to fall short of expectations. Hopefully this is the right mix to move through the East but I tend to believe they might endure another frustrating season.

Team: Carolina
Overall ranking: 12th
Conference ranking: 5th
Forwards: Overall: 14th Conference: 6th
Defense: Overall: 11th Conference: 5th
Goaltending: Overall: 12th Conference: 7th

Notes: Although more balanced than last season, Carolina is as top heavy as Chesty Morgan and that doesn’t age well. Playoffs should be in reach but unless there is significant improvement to the bottom of the roster, this team will not get out of the East.

Team: Florida
Overall ranking: 1st (three teams tied)
Conference ranking: 1st (two teams tied)
Forwards: Overall: 13th Conference: 5th
Defense: Overall: 1st Conference: 1st
Goaltending: Overall: 1st Conference: 1st

Notes: Florida is looking to achieve success from the net out and likely have the horses to be at or near the top of the conference while having the cap space to shore up the forward depth. This is a dangerous roster that is somewhat built like last season’s champion but with better goaltending.

Team: Montreal
Overall ranking: 1st (three teams tied)
Conference ranking: 1st (two teams tied)
Forwards: Overall: 1st Conference: 1st
Defense: Overall: 8th Conference: 4th
Goaltending: Overall: 6th Conference: 4th

Notes: I was shocked that this roster rates so well as I’m not particularly happy with it and view this as a re-tooling season. The strength is in the depth as there is not the star power that other contending teams possess and I expect a season’s worth of tinkering to occur as this team will be stronger in season 34.

Team: New Jersey
Overall ranking: 10th
Conference ranking: 4th
Forwards: Overall: 2nd Conference: 2nd
Defense: Overall: 21st Conference: 9th
Goaltending: Overall: 6th Conference: 4th

Notes: I like this roster as it is built to win by focusing down the middle. The biggest need is for defensively sound wingers and one elite defenseman to lead this team in the future. If I was the GM here, I’d be checking in on Nashville to see what direction they go as they should have the dman available that New Jersey needs.

Team: New York Islanders
Overall ranking: 23rd
Conference ranking: 11th
Forwards: Overall: 21st Conference: 10th
Defense: Overall: 24th Conference: 12th
Goaltending: Overall: 22nd Conference: 9th

Notes: The new-old GM came in making a slew of moves in an attempt to engineer a quick turnaround for the Islanders to make the playoffs. Then money and prospect capital got tight leaving the team in a somewhat awkward spot for this season. There are some nice pieces in place but this is a roster undergoing a rebuild and not a re-tool. As such, the Isles will be outside the post-season dance for a few seasons yet.

Team: New York Rangers
Overall ranking: 26th
Conference ranking: 13th
Forwards: Overall: 27th Conference: 13th
Defense: Overall: 28th Conference: 14th
Goaltending: Overall: 23rd Conference: 10th

Notes: Some nice piece exist for the future but this franchise is still in for some might lean years. They need to hope Bowen Byram gets back to full health or that’s a significant trade chip removed from their hand.

Team: Ottawa
Overall ranking: 12th
Conference ranking: 5th
Forwards: Overall: 16th Conference: 7th
Defense: Overall: 13th Conference: 6th
Goaltending: Overall: 1st Conference: 1st

Notes: Pretty sure this rating sneaks up on several people as the GM has been making some rather stealth moves for several seasons and shocked most by making the playoffs in season 32 and pushing the heavily favoured Bruins to 7 games. The surprise should be over as this is a solid team.

Team: Philadelphia
Overall ranking: 18th
Conference ranking: 8th
Forwards: Overall: 20th Conference: 9th
Defense: Overall: 17th Conference: 7th
Goaltending: Overall: 9th Conference: 6th

Notes: Although rated as a post-season team, I think Philadelphia are likely in a dog-fight just to make the playoffs given that once Toronto finds a GM there are a few quick moves to be done to increase that team’s depth. Philadelphia needs to find a #1 centre and strengthen the overall defensive group before becoming a contender. Right now, they might be the East’s most likely Epic Failure candidate.

Team: Pittsburgh
Overall ranking: 28th
Conference ranking: 14th
Forwards: Overall: 27th Conference: 13th
Defense: Overall: 26th Conference: 13th
Goaltending: Overall: 28th Conference: 15th

Notes: Another season for the Penguin rebuild but one the GM is looking to end sooner than planned as he has acquired some nice pieces that are at or near their respective primes. Still tanking 101 is in the cards for season 33 as the goaltending sucks.

Team: Tampa Bay
Overall ranking: 4th
Conference ranking: 3rd
Forwards: Overall: 4th Conference: 3rd
Defense: Overall: 4th Conference: 2nd
Goaltending: Overall: 16rd Conference: 8th

Notes: The excitement of youth is abundant but is there enough experience – or strong enough goaltending – to secure a spot in the finals? Tampa is close to becoming the standard for the Eastern conference taking the mantle and likely running with for the foreseeable future. Nah, who are we kidding – GM Blake always find a way to fuck it up 🙂

Team: Toronto
Overall ranking: 21st
Conference ranking: 10th
Forwards: Overall: 8th Conference: 4th
Defense: Overall: 23rd Conference: 11th
Goaltending: Overall: 25th Conference: 12th

Notes: With all the talent this franchise has been fortunate to have in recent years, one championship is underwhelming. Add to that an off-season without a GM and you see an orphan in need of a good home. With a new GM and a few quick waiver claims or trades, the Leafs could quickly return to be a flagbearer of the east.

Team: Worshington
Overall ranking: 30th
Conference ranking: 15th
Forwards: Overall: 30th Conference: 15th
Defense: Overall: 29th Conference: 15th
Goaltending: Overall: 26th Conference: 13th

Notes: The current Prime Minister of Tank Nation, the Capitals are still a few seasons away. However, in my humble opinion, they have 12 young players that could make significant impacts and likely another 2-3 coming in the next few draft classes.

Team: Winnipeg
Overall ranking: 19th
Conference ranking: 9th
Forwards: Overall: 22nd Conference: 11th
Defense: Overall: 18th Conference: 8th
Goaltending: Overall: 3rd Conference: 2nd

Notes: Year in, year out I generally don’t understand the moves – or lack of moves – made in Winnipeg. This off-season was no different. However, after enduring one of the longest rebuilds/re-tools on record (not even sure what it was), Winnipeg should be close to be a playoff threat in the east for the next several seasons. It’s just my two cents but focus on your defense as your forward prospects are about to arrive in waves.

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