Dynasty Hockey League

Season 33 – Fearless Predictons

For reference, here are the averages by category but several teams have ongoing cap issues that will likely cause the West numbers to decrease and the East numbers to increase.

League East West
Forwards 71.09 70.75 71.43
Defense 71.29 70.94 71.64
Goalies 71.80 71.93 71.67
OV 71.22 70.93 71.52

As always, my opinion and $2 will get you a medium coffee at Tim Horton’s so please take this for it’s worth and if I get one thing right I consider it all to be successful. So away we go:

Playoff teams – Eastern Conference: Buffalo, Carolina, Florida, Montreal, New Jersey, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg

Playoff teams – Western Conference: Calgary, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Detroit, San Jose, St. Louis, Vancouver

Hart: Alex Ovechkin
Norris: Victor Hedman
Calder: Tanner Jeannot
Vezina: Igor Shesterkin
Conn Smythe: Igor Shesterkin

Player most likely to be traded: Oliver Ekman-Larsson (it was Jordie Benn when I did my initial draft of these predictions but he was moved last night)

Player least likely to be traded: Jack Eichel

Eastern Conference Finalists: Florida vs Tampa Bay
Although I’d love to be considered for the ECF, Florida and Tampa Bay have a better collection of top end talent along with the necessary depth to deserve the nod at this point of time as being the most likely representatives for the Eastern title. Based upon stronger netminding, I’m picking Florida to come out of the East.

Western Conference Finalists: Calgary vs San Jose
Going to go against popular opinion and predict a Calgary – San Jose WCF. Unfortunately, Dallas just doesn’t have adequate goaltending and given personal experience last season whereby I suffered injuries to my top line centre, winger and 2 defensemen at various points of the postseason, I just don’t trust the depth in St. Louis if they encounter similar issues. I just feel the youth in Calgary plays against them the deeper the playoffs go and this is my primary reason for believing San Jose will be crown the West’s champion.

Finals: Florida vs San Jose
If either of these teams makes it to the finals, I’m playing with house money that I’m betting on Florida talking in a prolonged series. The teams match up incredible tight and I cannot see much difference but will continue to believe the champion comes from the East just like it has in 6 of the past 7 seasons.

Season 33 champion: Florida

Good luck to all and please be active to throw all this analysis in the shitter by the time the season ends.

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