Dynasty Hockey League

Season 34 – Eastern Conference Numbers

Please note all calculations are driven off best 20 players in rosters. At the time of writing Boston and Worshington were under the cap floor while Carolina, Pittsburgh and Toronto were over the cap

Team: Boston

Overall ranking: 26th
Conference ranking: 14th

Forwards: Overall: 26th Conference: 14th
Defense: Overall: 29th Conference: 14th
Goaltending: Overall: 16th Conference: 10th

Notes: Second season of the rebuild and Boston is still a few seasons away from being out of the basement. Some young talent is going to start coming through the system as soon as next season. The biggest challenge for Juliet is to remain cap compliant while welcoming in prospects while still being a lottery team. Will be sellers come the trade deadline looking to likely move Oliver Ekman-Larsson for futures.

Team: Buffalo

Overall ranking: 11th
Conference ranking: 8th

Forwards: Overall: 6th Conference: 5th
Defense: Overall: 10th Conference: 5rd
Goaltending: Overall: 23rd Conference: 13th

Notes: Dragged down in the rankings due to having a back-up goalie rated slightly below a slice of pastrami. Some work is necessary to strengthen the roster but this is a team that could come out of the
East; however, as they have several core players that line-up for the Leafs in the NHL, a first round exit in the playoffs is the most likely outcome for this line-up.

Team: Carolina

Overall ranking: 16th
Conference ranking: 10th

Forwards: Overall: 16th Conference: 8th
Defense: Overall: 17th Conference: 10th
Goaltending: Overall: 8th Conference: 6th

Notes: Essentially the same issues with this line-up as in past seasons in that they are too top heavy and lack the depth to be a contender. This is more pronounced than last season given that several teams really stepped forward in the East and a few playoff teams are going to struggle to reach the post season. Many GMs were perplexed by Carolina seemingly wanting to place lowball bids on every free agent and then look to sell them. Difficult thing to do this off-season and made next to no sense for a team that is over the cap and potentially accentuate that problem. Carolina will be in a battle for the bottom playoff seed in the East and definitely lack the defense to be successful in the post-season.

Team: Florida

Overall ranking: 10th
Conference ranking: 7th

Forwards: Overall: 9th Conference: 7th
Defense: Overall: 5th Conference: 3rd
Goaltending: Overall: 19th Conference: 11th

Notes: Well, although two goalies dictate ratings, you can only play one and Florida possess the best goalie in the league. So long as Ilya Shesterkin remains healthy, Florida will be a playoff team as there is better than average strength elsewhere in the line-up. Florida will be a home seed in the first round of the playoffs and in my opinion, are one top-6 forward away from being the team to beat in the East.

Team: Montreal

Overall ranking: 2nd
Conference ranking: 1st

Forwards: Overall: 4th Conference: 3rd
Defense: Overall: 3rd Conference: 2nd
Goaltending: Overall: 5th Conference: 3rd

Notes: Well, this was the top-rated team in the East last season that failed to gel and crapped out of the play-offs so there is some hesitation with this roster. Last year the defense was perceived to be the weakness so the GM’s primary efforts were to add to their defense. The Habs should score enough but unless the defense is tighter, this team could face the same fate as last season. Like Florida (and a few other teams out East), the right in-season moves will greatly influence the success of this roster. If the roster coughs up a hairball again, expect some sweeping changes to arise sooner than anticipated.

Team: New Jersey

Overall ranking: 3rd
Conference ranking: 2nd

Forwards: Overall: 2nd Conference: 1st
Defense: Overall: 13th Conference: 6th
Goaltending: Overall: 4th Conference: 2nd

Notes: The reigning champion Devils actually are returning a stronger team than last season and mirror their make-up from last season in that the defense is going to dictate the season. Last year it held together but playing with fire two seasons in a row could be dangerous. However, why change the winning formula from last season? Jersey will score and have to hope the Tristian Jarry is good enough to compensate for the average defense.

Team: New York Islanders

Overall ranking: 22nd
Conference ranking: 13th

Forwards: Overall: 19th Conference: 12th
Defense: Overall: 28th Conference: 13th
Goaltending: Overall: 20th Conference: 12th

Notes: This is not a play-off team and likely will have low odds in the draft lottery as they are not going to suck enough to fall to the bottom of the standings. Better days are coming as the GM has quietly been collecting 1st round picks and this is the course of action that the previous GMs should have taken. A few more years of suffering and building bank roll will pay great dividends in the future.

Team: New York Rangers

Overall ranking: 19th
Conference ranking: 12th

Forwards: Overall: 22th Conference: 13th
Defense: Overall: 15th Conference: 8th
Goaltending: Overall: 25th Conference: 14th

Notes: The GM made several moves that had people scratching their heads over the off-season so hopefully he knows something that justifies his choices or there will be judgement. This team is inching closer but needs more top-end talent to move into contention and that’s still several seasons away.

Team: Ottawa

Overall ranking: 14th
Conference ranking: 9th

Forwards: Overall: 16th Conference: 8th
Defense: Overall: 15th Conference: 8th
Goaltending: Overall: 7th Conference: 5th

Notes: Although still a solid team, the Senators will be hard pressed to make the post-season given the over-all depth in the Eastern Conference. This roster has a tremendous amount of middle-6 talent but lacks the top-line skill to compete this season. The most appreciated thing that the GM could do this season is spend a few hours to clean up his fugly prospect list.

Team: Philadelphia

Overall ranking: 4th
Conference ranking: 3rd

Forwards: Overall: 5th Conference: 4th
Defense: Overall: 9th Conference: 4th
Goaltending: Overall: 2th Conference: 1st

Notes: Although one of the top-rated teams in the East, this is a situation whereby the pieces might not be the best but the over-all depth may crush their opponents. The biggest question heading into the season is if a top defense pairing of Erik Karlsson and Jacob Trouba is strong enough to be the backbone of a championship team. I imagine that the GM already has his concerns and will look to weaponize his cap space to strengthen that aspect of his team.

Team: Pittsburgh

Overall ranking: 7th
Conference ranking: 5th

Forwards: Overall: 6th Conference: 5th
Defense: Overall: 13th Conference: 6th
Goaltending: Overall: 5th Conference: 3rd

Notes: Christmas came early in Pittsburgh as they made several moves to become a contender even though chat around some circles were that stronger offers for some of those pieces were rejected. Timing seems to have been on his side and a once deep prospect and pick pool has been gutted but the results are definitely a strong line-up this season. Once the cap issues are resolved, this is a team to watch that has the skill to come out of the East this season.

Team: Tampa Bay

Overall ranking: 9th
Conference ranking: 6th

Forwards: Overall: 17th Conference: 10th
Defense: Overall: 1st Conference: 1st
Goaltending: Overall: 8th Conference: 6th

Notes: Can great defense overcome average forwards and goaltending? That’s the hypothesis that Tampa Bay appears to testing and although the ratings are based upon 4 forward lines, 3 defense pairing and 2 goalies, we expect Tampa Bay to run 3 forward lines and 4 defense pairing in order to maximize the strengthens of the roster. Although I like that path, I’m not sure this team overcomes relatively piss-poor goaltending for a contender.

Team: Toronto

Overall ranking: 5th
Conference ranking: 4th

Forwards: Overall: 3rd Conference: 2nd
Defense: Overall: 20th Conference: 11th
Goaltending: Overall: 8th Conference: 6th

Notes: This is somewhat of an incomplete grade as Toronto needs another defenseman and to shed cap space prior to the start of the season. As it sits, they are likely a playoff team but let’s see the finished product first as this team is teetering on the edge in my opinion.

Team: Worshington

Overall ranking: 30th
Conference ranking: 15th

Forwards: Overall: 29th Conference: 15th
Defense: Overall: 30th Conference: 15th
Goaltending: Overall: 26th Conference: 15th

Notes: No longer the Prime Minister of Tank Nation, but the Capitals are still a few seasons away. Not sure if the GM will seek out a rapid rebuild like what Pittsburgh just completed but the talent is there to make several moves to make immediate impacts when he desires to push in.

Team: Winnipeg

Overall ranking: 17th
Conference ranking: 11th

Forwards: Overall: 18th Conference: 11th
Defense: Overall: 19th Conference: 12th
Goaltending: Overall: 17th Conference: 11th

Notes: By no means do I not believe this is a team on the rise, it’s just that they do not have the depth of talent that other teams in the East possess presently. It will take Sim Luck for Winnipeg to make the post-season and I doubt they receive it two seasons in a row. If they ever develop a defenseman or two, Winnipeg could be a contending team for a long time.

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