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Tampa Looking To Bring The Thunder

Tampa’s new Captain, PK Subban

It was a busy offseason for the Lightning. From shifting GM’s to the new GM going through his first hectic offseaso.  The Lightning last season were and easy W for most teams in the league, moves made way before the time of new GM Blake and previous GM Rich had the franchise in a state of limbo for a while. GM Blake wanted to change that.

“As many people know I’m very competitive and want to win, Rich had started to put some pieces to make this team formidable again and I just wanted to continue what he had started”.

In an offseason full of big moves there was one that stood out the most, the acquisition of newly appointed captain and star d-man PK Subban.

“PK brings a lot of skill to the table, he also brings good leadership qualities so figured we should name him captain as realistically we will go as far as PK can lead us”.

After naming PK captain GM Blake named Huberdeau as a full time alternate captain with Plekanec serving as alternate for away games and Foligno for home games.

“Huberdeau played extremely well on a s*** team last year, was a leader last year so we had to give hi a full time A. As for Plekanec and Foligno we couldn’t decide between the 2 battle hardened veterans so we decided to rotate them”.

Tampa lost their 1st game of the season against the defending DHL champs in a close game on the road. While this game didn’t go their way, they know they played well nevertheless.

“That Blues offence is insane, we held them down to 2 goals and only lost by 1, we would have rather have gotten a point out of that game but we all know the boys played well despite the loss”.

Lots of questions surround this Bolts team. Will the offence hold up? Os the goaltending duo of Lehner and Quick good enough? Will PK be able to lead the way? We won’t know the answers to these questions till the end of the year, for now the Bolts must ignore these questions and focus on winning their home opener tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins.





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