Dynasty Hockey League

Tampa Names Captains

Its been along time since Tampa Bay had a captain. The last captain they had was PK Subban when he was a Bolt. Since then they have been running with 4 alternate captains. Last season the 4 alternate captains they had were McAvoy, Svechnikov, Phaneuf and Carrier. Bolts management said at the end of last season that there would be a captain named for this season. The 2 most likely candidates being Svechnikov and McAvoy. Both these young talents have proven themselves time and time again to be a leader not only in the locker-room, but also on the ice.

It was hard to decide who to give the C to between these two talented young men, at the end the Bolts have decided to name Andrei Svechnikov as the new captain of the Bolts. It seems as the logical choice. As good as McAvoy has been for the Bolts he is not the face of the franchise like Svechnikov is. Along with Svechnikov being named captain, McAvoy was named as a permanent alternate captain with Carrier being an alternate captain at home and Phaneuf an alternate captain on the road. This year appears to be another rebuilding year for the Bolts but it appears as if the rebuild is almost ever as the Bolts have so much young talent coming up.

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