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Been a lot of discussion lately on the future of the DHL. Most of it good, new ideas, different perspectives and interesting theories. One issue that often comes up is tanking. While I can certainly sympathize with those who cringe at the thought of a scorched earth mentality, I also see the other side of that coin. In many cases teams just become perpetually stagnant with long term success being unattainable. Lack of cash, lack of picks, lack of prospects and pending UFA’s can give most team heart palpitations when they sit down and work out a depth chart. The struggle is real.

There are essentially several type of tanks.

#1. The Scorched Earth – This is the lowest of lowest denominator. This involves selling off anything of even remote value. Sometimes the market isn’t there, so you take whatever someone is willing to offer. This will result in two things: single digits wins and high lotto odds at draft time.

#2. The Half Pregnant – This is kind of sort of a tank. The team divulges itself of any well rated players but hangs onto the maybes less than a certain age. This can be dangerous because the potential is there that you are good enough not to get a good pick. It can also be described as a retool to your friends when you decide you no longer want to be a pushover.

#3. The Toe Dipper – This one is dangerous. The team thinks it isn’t good enough to win 3 games into an 82 game season and starts moving older players. Sometimes they panic and sell off while in a playoff position looking too far into the future. The toe dipper is a glass half empty type of guy and can be a real drag at dinner parties.

#4. The Nomad – This is the GM who is on the way out the door but does not know it yet. They trade away anything valuable then disappear. In many cases the nomad leads to the scorched earth since really there isn’t anything of value.

SO does it work?  No matter what tank strategy your team employees the results are not always guaranteed.  The key to a successful tank is based on a couple important elements, timing and drafting.  If you wait too long or inherit a team that’s already devoid of any value, it’s a long road to hoe. If you see the writing on the wall while you still have some sell-able assets, you can make a pretty quick turnaround and have success.  No matter how many picks you own, if you go with BPA you’ll never dig out that hole. If you have a lot of picks, go with some risks and some low impact sure fire picks. Concentrate on higher value positions, size, speed, skill, whatever you think you want to build your team around.

At the end of the day do what you think you need to do to be successful. Don’t pay attention to the tank-shamers who try to make you feel bad for tanking. Its a fantasy sim league and we should all be having fun. And for the record, Minny is in the midst of a retool.

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