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The Race for McDavid

It’s been a while since a prospect like Connor McDavid has graced the scene in the DHL draft. A player like him can instantly turn a franchise around and so many in the league have made it no secret that they’re gunning for the young man. Here is a top 5 list of the teams with the best chances to land him.



In Trevor’s defense, he took over a team with almost zero assets and so a rebuild was really the only way to go.  He has amassed a fair amount of young talent but is arguably another piece or two away.  His team makes this list because his best PA player, Dennis Wideman, has a paltry 64 and is a trade candidate.  The only legit goal scorer he has up front is Pouliot with 71 SC.  He only has one defenceman with DF over 70.  The biggest obstacle to his tank is Khudobin’s decent ratings in net.



Once one of the mightiest franchises in DHL history, Alex has been forced to rebuild, mostly due to an unfortunate lack of foresight upon taking over the team. He has made his tanking no secret.  His best goal scorer has an SC rating of 65 and only has one player 70+ in PA (who he has put on the block).  Bobrovsky has the ability to steal a few games but look for him to be out of Toronto in the near future. He has four defencemen with DF over 70, so that’ll hurt his chances a bit. If Toronto gets McDavid, expect the rebuild to only last a season or two.



Tyler has been  in the rebuilding phase for a few seasons now and it has taken a toll on his league activity. He’s still missing that one prospect to build a team around and desperately needs McDavid to rejuvenate the franchise and his interest. Columbus’s best scorer is a 69 SC and his best passer is a 68 PA.  Only one of their defencemen boasts a DF of 70+ and their goaltending can be described as below average. Columbus is statistically putrid right now in the early part of the season and expect that to continue.



Saif has already been the topic of much controversy by planting his top two goalscorers and top goalie in the minors to start the season. After much rage from around the league, Saif has called them all up. Despite this, he probably still features the worst starting goaltender in DHL history with 49’s across the board. That would have made them the worst team in my eyes except for the fact that New Jersey actually has a legit scoring forward in Tatar and a real top pairing defenceman in Josi.  Outside of Tatar, Pirri and Josi, there’s nothing else worth noting. They have a lot of promising young talent but not enough of them have hit prime-time.



After countless seasons of selling his prospects for cash and sporting patchwork teams, Francis has decided to take the rebuilding route and he’s doing it in style.  William Nylander was a good start last season and they have a chunk of picks in this draft but Buffalo needs McDavid in the worst way. Their prospects pool is bare.  On their DHL squad, the highest rated scorer has a 66 SC and his best passer has a laughable 60 PA.  Add in some terrible goaltending and Buffalo tops my list as the worst team in the league.



Honorable Mention:

Nashville Predators

At first glace, Nashville seems to be sporting a decent roster.  They ice 11 players with 70 OV or higher.  However, upon closer inspection, their highest PA forward is Ryan Strome with a modest 70 and they have zero players with a PA rating of 70+.  Steve has been in the process of the slowest rebuild in sports history.  It’s getting hard to remember that Nashville was once in the discussion for best franchise in the DHL during the Matty O days.

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