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Wild Land a Head Pin

In a move that surprised no one the Wild went out and acquired a starting goalie and defenceman. With a couple long shot prospects and Robert Bortuzzo going the other way, the GM felt the price was right. “It’s a buyers market, we sold when it was a sellers market and now that the pendulum has swung, we’re gonna buy some”. What comes next is unknown, the team was aggressive in the secondary UFA market adding some veterans to join the kids.

While the team is far from what anyone would consider a legitimate playoff team, the GM isn’t concerned, instead he is taking a different approach. “We’re gonna have fun this year, that’s what it’s all about, making trades, trying to compete, much more interesting than sitting back awaiting the draft. We added a top end tender for a minuscule return and shored up our D to what i’d call “playoff caliber”. Now if we can add some SC to our top 6, we should be able to win a few games, if not, we’ll enjoy the lotto”.

Rumors abound the Wild are in talks for several teams trying to add some high scoring veterans. While we haven’t been able to get any details our inside source claims all three teams are in the East. Any guess on who???

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