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Devils FINALLY reach the playoffs

Newark, New Jersey – The New Jersey Devils, have ended what was the longest post season drought in the history of the DHL, since taking over in the off season for year 12, the Devils choose their direction and stuck with it for a long time, maybe too long, possibly, according to other definitely, while other clamored for the firing of the GM. Could the Devils have reached the playoffs earlier, most likely, but they stuck to their plan and reached the playoffs their way, but for all the tanking done by the Devils, the only players currently on the team from the drafting of GM Khan are Filip Forsberg and Leon Draisaitl, while Jamie Oleksiak and Casey Cizikas are holder overs from the previous regime, all other players arrived mainly through trade and some via free agency. The future has finally arrived for the Devils and the look to build on this season, as a trend which the hope to continue for a long, long time, as rebuilding for a long road, and the fruits of which are still waiting to join the team in future years, like Drouin, Strome, Murray and Nichushkin.

The Devils seems to be set for the future, but also are hoping to make some noise in the playoffs, for a young team the Devils have a decent amount of veterans sprinkled in to teach the kids, as Patrick Marleau was the first ever big name free agent to sign with the Devils, with him other veterans began to join, in a sign that things where turning around in Newark, this off-season Eric Staal decided to stay in New Jersey after his deadline acquisition and David Backes was traded here after being caught up in a number game in Pittsburgh and the final veteran brought in has paid immediate dividends in Johan Franzen with 19 points in 19 games in New Jersey. These guys coupling with Forsburg, Tatar and Kadri to name a few are looking to put the league on notice the Devils aren’t who we thought they where, while no one in crowning the Devils with anything yet, hopefully the hardest part of the rebuilding is over, now on the PLAYOFFS!

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