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DHL Y25 Draft Review Part 2 (Round 2-3)

DHL Y25 Draft Review Part 2 (Round 2-3)
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Well good news hockey fans, we’ve completed the Y25 entry draft. It was filled with tons of picks on the move in the second part of the draft where an uncountable number of picks were sold for cash (while technically not true, who’s going to count all those trades). Many were getting moved before the 2nd round even started.

Winnipeg was one of a few teams to have multiple picks in the 2nd round. The Jets seemed to be favoring the Russians in this round and started it off with selecting Russian-born (but playing in the OHL) d-man Dmitri Samorukov. Towards the end of the 2nd round, the Jets added another two Russians with Ivan Checkhovich (55) and Nikita Popugaev (56), both could very easily bust but have high upsides.

Calgary and Washington were another 2 teams that had several picks in the second round. The Flames had 3 of the next 4 selections after the Jets picking up goalie Colton Point (32), center Dylan Sikura (33) and forward Mason Appleton (35). The Capitals had as many as 4 selections at one point but only selected 3 times, adding d-man Filip Westerlund (54), center Jacob Peterson (59) and closed out the round selecting d-man Tobias Geisser (60).

Alex commented, “Nice grab with Point, Smallz. I was likely taking him at #36 if he was still on the board.” With Smallz replying, “Thanks I figured those 3 would be high on a lot of people’s lists in the 2nd round. But I really wanted Josh Brook too…so trading for 30 and then being able to pick all those guys with my early 2nds worked out well.” If Calgary had not traded for the #30 pick, Florida was likely going to select d-man Josh Brook which clearly showed that he went right where he was expected. Also it seemed that Toronto was interested in selecting Appleton at #25.

But the team that owned the second round was the Dallas Stars. With a whopping seven selections in the round, it was a Star-studded round. And there are likely going to be some execelent players that will show up eventually in Dallas too. At #38, they selected boom-or-bust prospect Tyler Steenbergen who has had an excellent showing in the WHL and many thought could’ve gone at the end of the 1st round. The Stars then added a trio of goalies in the middle of the round selecting Maksim Zhukov (44), Matthew Villalta (45) and Stuart Skinner (53) to help their depth in net. Additionally, the Stars selected forwards Joni Ikonen (43), Jake Leschyshyn (48) and d-man Markus Phillips (58). A lot of value was added to the Dallas organization, regardless of how those guys all pan out.

Then in the 3rd round, you could’ve just kept Columbus GM Kris Skworchinski at the podium the entire time. The Blue Jackets added 11 prospects in the 3rd round that will likely go a long way towards what Columbus will look like in the future (both short and long term). But to highlight a few of the more notable picks of Columbus, they added Jack Dugan at 63rd, Emil Pettersson at 76, Jake Ryczek at 85 and closed out the round selection David Kampf (88), Cayden Primeau (89) and Filip Larsson (90).

Some other interesting selections in the third round were Scott Reedy going to Ottawa at 77, Florida selecting CJ Smith at 78 and Vinni Lettieri at 80. Reedy was once thought of as a top 2 round pick but hasn’t quite lived up to the offensive expectations. Both Smith and Lettieri seemed to be high on several teams lists and Philly and Calgary were both interested in Lettieri and Philly was interested in Smith as well. “No joke, I was considering taking Smith when I grabbed Tarasov,” commented Toronto’s GM Alex. It will be interesting to see how these late draft selections develop and whether the interest in those guys was really warranted.

So that wraps up the draft and now we get into silly season time as free agency is on the horizon. Contending teams have already been scrambling to add cash (many times via selling picks) and are already looking forward to how their rosters are looking. The future of DHL seems in good hands with all these young players being added to their ranks. The full results of the 1st round can be found here

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