Dynasty Hockey League

Identity Shift

Tampa has come off a disappointing season. Having the eventual cup champs on the run with a 3-1 series lead and blowing it, along with blowing a 4-1 lead in game 7. The past 3 seasons have ended with the Bolts choking in the playoffs, or the tea, just underperforming all together and missing the playoffs. Heads were set to roll this offseason, and some big names have been fired out the window.

Bergeron was always expected to leave Tampa after this season so no surprise there, same with Oleksiak and Gudas. Marchand leaving was a bit of a surprise, but he had a bad habit of taking way too many penalties. McAvoy was a huge surprise though. He’s been a Bolt for essentially his entire career. He’s the top scoring d-man at this moment in time, as well as being a top 5 all time scorer for the club, so his departure was a tough one for the franchise, but ultimately the team felt that they needed to change things up.

So, who’s coming in for the Bolts?

There are 4 main pieces that have come in for the Bolts. Nino is the least noteworthy as he’s just filling a 2nd line goal scoring role, Duchene is a pretty big one as he projects to improve immensely after this season. Artemi Panarin and Adam Fox were the big fishes though, both acquired from the Bruins (at least Panarin’s rights were, not the player himself). So overall this offseason the big 3 pieces that came in were Duchene, Fox and Panarin while the big 3 whom left were McAvoy, Marchand and Bergeron. What do the new 3 have that the old 3 didn’t? There seems to be more emphasis on speed, offence and disciplined play for the Bolts this year. GM MacPherson felt that too often the team was held back by bad penalties taken, and these 3 core pieces are well disciplined players. Will this change work? Maybe. Will this season be interesting? Most definitely. 

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